1. I have to withdraw my PF money but I dont have UAN number as well as I resign my company 2013 before e filing system of PF. Now any possibility to withdraw my money

  2. Sir, Thank you for the insightful article on EPF. Please answer this one long pending query in my mind.
    I am aged 46 years worked in a private company for about 20 years. I have lost the job due to Covid impact. I do not plan to join another company now but relocate to hometown to do farming. Can I leave my PF account untouched now and withdraw when I attain retirement age of 58 years ?

    • Yes, Mr. Nandeesh, you may do it. The deposit would continue to earn interest. But it may not be tax-free. It would be added to the income and taxed as per the slab rates applicable.

  3. Hello. Thank you for the comprehensive information on EPF. Could you also explain how the interest is calculated on PF contributions, specifically why an additional division by 1200 is made on the interest amount calculated for the accumulated balance for a year?

  4. Hi.
    Would it be possible for an employee to continue with profident fund contribution after being transfered to a company that doeas not have EPF but only PF.

    What does teh LRAC say regarding options to withdraw 100% of your EPF to meet the needs of the other employer you are being transferred to?

  5. Hi,
    If a person resigned from his job and withdraw all pf fund after 2 months and he joined another company after 3 months and his basic pay is more than 15000, would it be compulsory for the new company to deduct pf? as ones a member is always a member rule is there but he has withdraw all his pf amount and basic pay is also above 15000?


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