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religare care

Updated on 15.03.2017

No Longer a new kid on the block. Religare health insurance which came up as a 4th stand-alone health insurance company in India after Star, Apollo Munich and Max Bupa, has no doubt given a tough competition to its rivals. Its first product Religare care mediclaim policy has led others in the league to change their product features to answer the competition.

This post is all about the features of Religare care health insurance policy and its comparison with the other similar products available among stand-alone health insurers.

Religare Care health insurance – basic features

Over a period of time Religare care features have become much more comparable to its other peers. Now a days health insurance policies majorly compete on the services rather than the product features. Let me point out some of the Important features in Religare care Health Insurance.

1.      Lifelong Renewability.

After Apollo Munich and Max Bupa, Religare health Insurance also has come up with Lifetime Renewability, through Religare Health insurance –care. 

2.      Wide range of sum assured – up to Rs 6 crores.

Religare care has different versions in its plans which offer different sum assured. It has feature of providing higher cover to get treatment outside India also. Maximum cover you can get in Religare care is Rs 6 crores. 

3.      Annual Health check-up for insured members – regardless of claim history

All Major policy members can get the annual health check up (Pre-defined medical tests) done at authorized medical centers Free of cost.

4.      Automatic Policy recharge if the claim amount exhausts the current coverage.

Religare health insurance Care, when launched broke the monopoly of “Apollo Munich optima restore” with this feature. But practically Recharge and Restore have different workings and recharge is much better. 

5.       Co-payment

If someone is above 61 years of age, and buying Religare care for the first time then S/he has to bear with this copayment feature and pay 20% of the claim amount from own pocket. However if looked upon or compared with other insurers, which don’t offer covers to this age group 20% copay is not a bad feature.

If you are looking for health insurance for parents, then Religare care can be a good choice. Else you may also look at some health insurance policies as offered by nationalized banks like PNB oriental Royal mediclaim or canara apollo munich plan.

Religare Care – Comparison with Apollo Munich and Max Bupa

Religare care comparison

Should you Buy Religare Care Health Insurance?

As i said above that now days you will find much similarities in product features, its all about customer servicing now. And customer servicing is something which can not be judged sitting on the sidelines. you need to dive in and have to have practical experience with the services to make an opinion about the same.

Due to Portability provisions available, every other company knows that if they do not provide better services customer can move to other insurance company easily. So service quality has improved a lot in last few years.

Health insurance policies should have lesser conditions attached to keep it simple for the insured. Religare care looks like a simple policy. Those who wants to buy a fresh policy can have a look at this. This has a mix of many popular features like the recharge of sum assured, Free Annual health check up etc. which makes religare care worth considering while searching for good health insurance policies. For the lower sum assured like below 4 lakh Room rent limits may be a deterrent, but for higher sum assured this product looks suitable.

Do share your opinions or experience with Religare care in the comments section below.


  1. I’ve Health insurance coverage from my employer with “United India Insurance Co. Ltd.” and we’ve Portability option even if we leave

    the company. That meas we can continue with the this insurer even after resigning and below are the features will be covered.
    1) With stadard benifits
    2) Pre-existing conditions will not be applicable as I’ve completed the pre-existing period (3 or 4years) with my current employer
    Is it suggestible to continue with the same or shall I take one more out of employer? I was trying to contact on “United India

    Insurance Co. Ltd.” customer care number but could not connet (either number does not work or waiting or not picked up).
    Please suggest.

    • On the face of it, i don’t think you should go with any other separate policy. Its just you should look at the sum assured which should be more than enough for you and if it’s not then you may buy a super top up plan to add on to your total coverage. Also have a look at the policy conditions. Normally national insurers have lot of conditions attached in their policies. They also have some list of network hospitals where they will pay as per terms else with some co payment.
      See you need to be convinced on the features, sum insured and the service quality of your insurer.

  2. Hello Sir, I really appreciate your efforts to reply almost every individual Query. I would like to ask that I have taken PNB Royal Sundaram policy of 3 Lakh SA for my parents if I want to increase SA to 7- 10 lakh in that case will it be beneficial to opt for super top-up policy from L&T?

    Will PNB Rolay Sunderam policy be beneficial is there any other drawback other than following:
    1. Caping on Room rent to 1% of SA
    2. Caping on ICU to 2% of SA
    3. Caping on Domiciliary treatment to 10% of SA

    Please suggest will it be benefial as the premium in this policy do not increase on increase in age.

    • Himanshu, You may increase the cover through Super top up policy. But do understand that if you have 2 policies from different insurers, then in case of high claim you may have to make a Reimbursement claim from the second insurer. I mean total claim may not go cashless.

      There are other ways of enhancing the health insurance cover too

      and yes, what you have written about PNB policy are just features and not drawback, as long as you know/understand it

  3. Sir,
    I want but an individual policy for the first time for my mother (age :46 yrs),SI 5LAC,shall I go with private insurance company or nationalised insurance company ? I need your precious suggestion !
    Can I go with National insurance Co? what about its cashless claim payment ?? Plz ans ?

    • You can go with any insurer as per your suitability. National insurance is also fine. Cash less payment should not be a problem if treatment was taken as per their terms and conditions. I recommend you yo meet some agent or visit their local office and read out the terms and conditions first. Public insurance companies work with in specific defined network of hospitals…so you should know how this arrangement works.

  4. Hi,

    I’m looking for a life-long health insurance policy for my parents:
    Dad age:will be 70 next month
    Mom age: will be 67 in August

    I got to know about 10 best health insurance plans in India,out of which I shortlisted Star, Religare, ICICI Lombard and Max Bupa.
    But I have also read very bad reviews on all of these,but I need to take one urgently.
    My dad has slight diabetes and mom has slightly higher pressure,otherwise in general they are of good health.
    Can someone guide me.

    Thanks and regards,

  5. I have got a oriental health insurance family floater gold plan of SI 9 Lacs, in the 3rd year , should I continue it or shift to religare family floater.

  6. Hi Mani,

    you are doing really great job. i greatly appreciated your valuable time and response to every user’s query.
    great job done by you.

    i am planning to buy health insurance plan for me (29 yrs) and my wife(28 yrs).
    i am also planning to buy separate health insurance plan for my parents, father(55 yrs) and mother (53 yrs).

    i came to know many plans through R & D in google by self. but i am confused which one should i select ?

    can you please guide me which plan is suitable for us.

    every one is fit and fine except me, 6 month back i was suffered from High blood pressure. now it is under control due to medicine. will it effect on health insurance plan ? will company consider this one as pre existing disease ?

    will maternity cover by health insurance ?

    can we buy health insurance policy online ? is this trusted or not ? or should we go through agent ?

    Thanks & Regards

    • Hi Sanjay

      Thanks for your appreciation.

      See, nowadays i do not find much of difference in most of the health insurance policies, except for their underwriting conditions.
      Since you said that you have High BP and that too at such a young age, so some companies might put this into exclusion. If not, high BP and related illness will surely be a preexisting condition, and will not be covered for first few years.

      All of you in the family are below 60 years of age so for you all policies are available. Just go with a policy with no sublimits.

      Maternity cover are there in some of the policies upto a specific limit and covered after some years of continuing with the policy. Like max Bupa and apollo has maternity cover, Religare has specific maternity related policy.

      You can buy health policy online, however, it may not result in saving on premium cost.

  7. I have health insurance with max bupa under health companion family floater. I am using this policy for last 3 yrs. We got claim for year 2015-16 and 2016-17 for my husband (both times). policy included 3 members till my husband’s death last yr. Now we are 2 members. Myself 45+ and my son 10+,
    Though there was no problem in taking claim but i found its premium is on higher side n increase every yr.
    I am satisfied with service and claim settlement but would like to know is there any other policy which gives same benefits/felicities in less premium?
    Now its time for renewal and I have not claimed for 2016-18, Shall I go for portability or continue with same policy?

    • My view you should continue with the same policy. Max Bupa health companion’s premium and benefits are very much comparable to others and its a good policy


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