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Manikaran Singal

Meet the Founder and Your Planner

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2006, when I resigned from ICICI BANK. I started with Investment products distribution, but later on realized that there is a purpose behind every client's investment, and unless that purpose or in financial terms as we call it Goals, is achieved, No investments, No Returns give happiness.

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certified financial planner india


All of us have heard of family physicians/doctors. They are the ones who know your health inside out. They know what kind of problems you are predisposed to and what medicine works best for you and your family. They are the first ones you call in an emergency and who are always available to help you out.

Manikaran is a brilliant family physician/doctor albeit for my finances. He has got to know my personality in-depth and always suggests solutions that are tailor-made for me. He is the person with whom I discuss all my major financial decisions including indulgences :).  He is always there to guide me to make the right financial decisions. He also highlights the risks with the decisions I am taking but is never overbearing.

Other than being a great sounding board he is an astute financial planner who knows the nuances of personal financial planning in depth. He is technically brilliant and I consider him a Subject Matter Expert who still makes sure that I understand the logic behind any decision that we are taking. After having worked with him over the last few years setting my finances in order, I am today, very confident about my financial health and the plan with which we had set out has started bearing fruit. He has taken care of my investments as if they were his own and I am glad that I engaged with a thorough professional like him.

Shreejit Nair - North Head, HCL, Noida

certified financial planner india


I did feel that Financial Planning was important but could never really devote enough time to it. It was always on a lower priority. I would do ad-hoc investments in equity and mutual funds without thinking too much. I did not track my investments. I realized that this was not the right approach and started looking for help. Internet obviously gave me huge amount of information but it was all very distributed and inconsistent.

While searching I found Manikaran and contacted him. I was apprehensive before meeting him since I always thought Financial Planners essentially sell you insurance plans or other funds. My first meeting changed my perspective. The idea of financial planning, as explained to me by Mani, made a lot of sense. It was simple – you invest based on your goals. Over the next few meetings, I could see the importance of giving time to my finances. Mani simplified things so that I could understand them better.  Mani is a very organized and diligent professional. He really knows what he is saying and strongly believes in that. His approach is logical and reasonable and he is open to discussions and suggestions. I rate him very high and strongly recommend him.

Vishal Chalana - Entrepreneur, USA

“Great Financial Life Starts with Good Money habits.”

- Manikaran Singal

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