More than finances it’s about life, because you have given your life to earn this money, and you want this money to be used to make your life better. We Understand this, and thus come up with range of services which will suit different profiles.

If you are DIY (Do it yourselfer) or a delegator, we have service for you. 

Read on for more details.

We are SEBI Registered Investment advisers

Financial planning and Money management is a business of Trust. Afterall you’d be sharing your complete financial details and life aspiration with the advisor. Though Trust gets developed with time but still to protect the interest of Investors and help them chose the right advisor , SEBI in 2013 mandated all Financial Planners to get registered under SEBI ( Investment advisor) regulations,2013.

Since financial planning itself is a missold term these days and every other seller calls himself financial planner or investment adviser, so SEBI through press release (PR 235/2015), cautioned public to deal only with SEBI Registered Investment advisers.

It is mandatory for all – Banks, brokers, Mutual fund and insurance agents, Investment portals…and all those who are into Investment advisory business and advise people across products and guides them in investment journey, but still many are shying away from this as till date only 350 entities are registered.

These regulations laid down stringent rules for financial planners, which require them to follow strict education and experience standards, do a proper suitability assessment before advising anything to client and most importantly act as fiduciary for clients, means to act in best interest of clients. Registered advisers are subject to regular annual audits.

What we do?

We believe that financial planning is an important exercise to keep your financial life in order and achieve your long and short term financial life goals.

Some of you are already working on a financial plan but are looking for answers to specific queries, some may need help in creating a financial plan and some may also require hand holding and ongoing support.

Ranging from Single goal based financial planning services like Child education planning, Retirement planning, Insurance planning, Loan advice or debt management, tax planning, estate planning, wealth management to Detailed/Comprehensive financial planning and ongoing services, we can support you on every aspect of financial life.

We also offer Fee only service for specific queries and discussions for DIY investors

Personal Financial Planning services

* GST Extra ; # Investment management Charges extra

Personal financial planning Services Offerings:

1. BE GOOD Service ( Single Goal based Plan)

Be good financial planning service is for DIY (Do it yourself) investors, and those who seek advice on specific goal based requirement.Click to read more

2. GET RICH Service ( Plan Only)

This is a detailed comprehensive financial planning service, meant for those who though are from DIY (Do it Yourself) category, but wants to collaborate with financial planner for a detailed plan suitable to their needs and risk tolerance. Click here to read more 

3. RICH LIFE Service ( Plan, Advice and Ongoing Support)

This covers our full range of services. Here we’ll do complete goal-based financial planning for you. We’ll write a comprehensive financial plan, help you in implementing it completely, and regularly monitor and do a timely review on your behalf. Click here to read more 

How we do it?

We cater to clients across the globe. In India, our client base is scattered across big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Ludhiana along with small towns like Chiplun( Mah), Ankleshwar ( Guj), Nawashehar ( Pb.), Patiala (Pb.). Out of India we serve clients in USA, UK, Singapore, Kuwait, Dubai, Malaysia.

We use technology extensively. 80% of the work happens online and our clients are happy with that, as it saves their time too.

We have diversified clients’ portfolio with different needs, age group and Profession. This also helped us earn rich experience on varied requirements and behaviors.

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