FINANCIAL PLANNING puts your MONEY in order, so you can FOCUS on other Important things in your LIFE


  • Do you Feel Organized with your Money Matters? Do you have a Set System at place to manage financials?
  • Do you have Clear Financial Goals and a Clear Direction to Achieve them?
  • ​​You earn well, but are You Saving Enough, and that too in the Right way?
  • You have Multiple Financial products, but are they the Right Fit in to your Financial requirements and Goals?
  • You are growing in your life and Profession, and finding time for Personal Finances is getting tough
personal financial planning services

Personal Financial Planning is the answer to all your worries related to Money Management.


It will give Direction to your Savings towards your life goals, make you Invest in a correct manner in the

most suitable products, helps you manage your debts well and Keeps you Organized in the Money Matters.

Our Services


  • Investment Plan Service
  • Goal based Planning 
  • Review of Investments 
  • Risk Profiling & Asset Allocation
  • Suitable to New Investors 
  • Service Support (Optional)
  • Service Fee Rs 15000 


  • Be Good + Financial Plan
  • Complete Review of Investments, Insurances, Loans and Other Financials
  • Detailed Action Plan
  • Suitable to DIY Investors
  • Limited Service & Support
  • Service Fee Rs 25000


  • Get RICH+ Execution of Financial Plan
  • Regular Review and timely changes in the plan
  • Regular Monitoring of Investments
  • FULL Service & Support
  • Service Fee Rs 25000

What Our Customers Are Saying

Personal financial planning - manikaran

Vishal Chalana

Entrepreneur, Co Founder Winshuttle, USA

I did feel that Financial Planning was important but could never really devote enough time to it. It was always on a lower priority. I would do ad-hoc investments in equity and mutual funds without thinking too much. I did not track my investments. I realized that this was not the right approach and started looking for help. Internet obviously gave me huge amount of information but it was all very distributed and inconsistent. While searching I found Manikaran and contacted him. I was apprehensive before meeting him since I always thought Financial Planners essentially sell you insurance plans or other funds. My first meeting changed my perspective. The idea of financial planning, as explained to me by Mani, made a lot of sense. It was simple – you invest based on your goals. Over the next few meetings, I could see the importance of giving time to my finances. Mani simplified things so that I could understand them better. Mani is a very organized and diligent professional. He really knows what he is saying and strongly believes in that. His approach is logical and reasonable and he is open to discussions and suggestions. I rate him very high and strongly recommend him.

Personal Financial Planning

Yuvaraj Mahajan


The entire exercise of financial planning with Mr. Manikaran was helpful to me in defining my short term & long term needs. He has helped me restructure my portfolio in more systematic and balanced way basis being my needs. His inputs on the status of Investment were well presented and they facilitated decision making. The Financial Plan he prepared, which he also review on yearly basis has put me into a strict discipline. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for the right financial advice.

Financial Planning Simplified

Makes your Life Simple, Disciplined and Goal Oriented

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