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When we say that the goal is not to get rich, the goal is to Live rich, this summarizes what we have incorporated in our logo.

If you look closely at the LOGO, you will see many senses coming out of it.  The “OO” part of good, where one carries image of Clock and other having a rupee sign depicts financial planning as a factor of Time and money.

The “M” of Moneying under OO, if you look at both in combination you will find that there are 2 persons interacting, which depicts collaboration, partners’ togetherness. Good financial planning is not possible unless you involve your partner and stakeholder in the whole process. It also says that financial planning is a place where time meets money.

The academic CAP on First G and stick on Last G, represents 2 of the major goals which we normally do want to save for – Education and Retirement.

Logo in Green and white color, where Green is a color of Freshness, Money, and Growth, White is a color of peace.

goal based financial planningTag Line – Rich Life forever. I feel that Richness is not related only to money, it’s also about health, relations and happiness. Unless you are healthy, happy and having good relations with your dear ones there’s no point of striving for having abundant money.

It is also true that money has its own importance and plays important role in maintaining health, happiness and relations. So you cannot separate out Life from money and money from life and to lead a Rich life, you have to be good with money.

Good financial planning automatic puts you into a structure to bring discipline and goodness in your life, to help you lead a Rich life.

Read how our services has brought goodness in our clients’ life, by clicking the image below.

Rich life services

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