FINANCIAL PLANNING puts YOUR Money Life in Order, so YOU can FOCUS on other Important things that Matters More

Service for D-I-Y Investors

This service is for you if you want a Financial plan as a Guide Map and then you want to do the Implementation, Monitoring and Review on your Own

Client's Testimonials

The entire exercise of financial planning with Mr. Manikaran was helpful to me in defining my short term & long term needs. He has helped me restructure my portfolio in more systematic and balanced way basis being my needs. His inputs on the status of Investment were well presented and they facilitated decision making. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for the right financial advice.

Mr Yuvaraj Mahajan


My experience with the whole financial planning and the financial planner was EXCELLENT… I was in a mess and had absolute no knowledge of Financial Planning. I used read a lot of articles, invest as per advise of friends but all in vein. Now I am on track and can see some money at my disposal. I am hopeful and confident for a brighter future with help of Mr. Manikaran.

Anoop Bhardwaj


Details of Service Offering

  • Risk Profiling and Asset Allocation
  • Financial Health Check, with Cash flow and Networth analysis
  • Review of Existing Insurance and Investment Products
  • Review of Taxation Structure
  • Guidance in Setting and Prioritizing Goals
  • Review of Loans and Debt management counselling
  • Goal based Investments Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Recommendation of Suitable Investments Portfolio (Mutual Funds)
  • Basic Estate Planning
  • One Month hand holding Post Plan Preparation
  • This Service will not cover the Implementation of the Plan, Review and Monitoring of the Investments.
  • Service Fee Starts from Rs 15000/-

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