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A Comprehensive Goal based Financial Planning

Human Adviser

You will talk to a Human who Listen and Feel.  Its a Personalized Service, not a Software Program

Time Efficient

You will get an Online Service Delivery , so you don't have to move from the comfort of your Office or Home.

Cost Effective

You will not have to pay a Bomb for your Financial Plan. Online Services are always cost effective.


You will get an Unbiased advise & Transparent discussion with a CFP Professional.

Financial plans are Customized and Personalized. The Online service delivery is just to improve upon the efficiency in the process, so you can have ample time to use it wisely on other important tasks.

Manikaran Singal, Chief Financial planner

Client's Experiences

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Online Financial Planning

"Manikaran Singhal is very knowledgeable and trustworthy Financial Planner . He provides a fresh impetus to your personal Financial planning by providing very transparent Pro\Con view of various financial schemes available in the market.His greatest strength lies in his deep knowledge of the Banking Sector along with Insurance and Mutual Funds . He has always under promised and over achieved which should be a trademark quality of any Financial Planner . Happy to have him provide me with his expert service”

 Yadvinder Changotra, Director, ITC Infotech, USA

goal based Financial planning - Manikaran
Goal Based Financial Planning


My experience with the whole financial planning an financial planner was EXCELLENT… I was in a mess and had absolute no knowledge of Financial Planning.

I used read a lot of articles, invest as per advise of friends but all in vein. Now I am on track and can see some money at my disposal. I am hopeful and confident for a brighter future with help of Mr. Manikaran.

 Anoop Bhardwaj, GM, HSIL, Gurgaon

Online Financial Planning

What Financial Planning is all about?

As the name suggests, financial planning is about planning and organizing of your finances, to arrange them in such a way so you can achieve your long and short term financial goals comfortably. Yes, it does involve investments in different instruments, but those are suggested only after having a clear view of your cash flow and net worth status. Also your Risk profile needs to be understood to suggest you with suitable Asset Allocation.


Its a Fee Only Profession, and is regulated by SEBI. If anyone is offering you Free service that should be a Red Flag for you , as the person must be earning something in the form of commission which may be construed as a conflict of interest in advisory and is prohibited by the Regulator. 

When it comes to Personal finances it is very important for you to be vigilant, as wellness in this segment will bring happiness in other life areas too. And remember it is not only about Returns, but well managed and easily understood structure, for self and family. Its not only about accumulation, but Preservation and Distribution too.

And We are With you ate Every Step. 

How we do it?

Frankly, its a team work. We need your 100% participation in this. Its not like you have given us some money to invest and now you will judge us for Returns, but its about your Financial wellness which like immunity can not be measured but only felt. For financial planning we need to collate your complete financial data to have a holistic view of your Financial structure to understand your lifestyle, assets and liabilities, goals and other requirements. We do your Risk profiling to find out suitable Asset Allocation. and based on all this analysis, derive a Financial plan to act as GPS for other financial decisions.

Can you do it Yourself?

The answer is YES and NO. Everyone needs a coach to be in discipline. If you understand Financial planning well then you will definitely value the professionals connected and know that its not about writing plan or making investments, but its about Behavior management and Staying with investments for long. Wellness does not come only from Money, but your Health, Time management and Family also plays big role in that, which cannot be delegated. So you should better focus on the things which needs your focus and delegate the possible work to other professionals.

What your Financial Plan will have


  • Cash Flow & Net Worth Analysis
  • Your Financial Health Check (Ratio Analysis)
  • Risk Profiling & Asset Allocation Advise
  • Review and Analysis of Existing Insurance Policies
  • Review & Analysis of Existing Investment Products
  • Goal based Investment Planning 
  • Protection Planning - Life, Health, Personal Accident Insurance  
  • Loans / Debt Management 
  • Retirement Planning
  • Basic Estate Planning
  • Basic Tax Planning
  • Detailed Investment Advise and hand holding in Product Selection
  • *Complete Implementation Support, Regular Reviews, Ongoing Monitoring and Advisory
  • Service Delivery - Online/Remote (Emails, Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoho etc.) 
  • Fee Structure - Since every Financial Profile and complexity is different. So fee also depends on the complexity we need to work on. Will discuss on the Call. 

Lets Discuss in Detail

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