This covers our full range of services. Here we’ll do complete goal based financial planning for you. We’ll write a comprehensive financial plan, help you in implementing it completely, and regularly monitor and do timely review on your behalf. We’ll monitor the investments to make sure that these are in line with what was envisaged in the plan, also if the investments are doing what was expected from them.

We’ll also do annual reviews so your financial plan should be in tandem with your changed financials and other requirements.

We have set processes, requisite software for review, monitoring and reporting.  This is a kind of life long service and we’ll be guide to your every financial requirement.

Goal based financial planningFee structure:

Fee of Get Rich Service plus Ongoing service Charges.

Get RICH Service fee starts from Rs 14500, but final charges will be communicated after evaluating the quantum of work.

Ongoing charges depend on the complexity in Plan implementation which could be fixed or some percentage on AUM.

Who should opt for RICH LIFE Services

Those who feel that investments and plan gets managed better in the hands of Professionals, Those who are delegators, and may or may not have enough time to devote to investment management, Those who understands that Financial planning an Investment management is not a one time job and requires regular watch, can seek out for RICH Life Service

Financial Planning Process:

  1. You request for RICH LIFE services through Contact us form.
  2. We’ll mail you the Agreement, data gathering sheet, Risk profiler and Invoice.
  3. You reply us with the completed data gathering sheet, answer the risk profiler and make the payment.
  4. We’ll schedule one call with you at mutually convenient time to understand your data and other requirements.
  5. Then we’ll start working on the financial plan and write a detailed financial plan for you with recommendations.
  6. We’ll schedule another call to explain you the recommendations and how to move forward.
  7. We’ll help you in implementing the plan and guide you in taking necessary steps. Please do understand that there are many instances where we may not be directly involved like closing the loans, making insurance premium payments, but still we keep on guiding you where ever required, and will always be on your side of table.

We’ll keep monitoring and review, the plan and investments as per process at Regular Intervals.


What you get:

  • Detailed financial plan with Asset allocation and investment advice
  • Solutions and recommendations to your other targeted goals and requirements
  • Continuous handholding, implementation support.
  • Regular monitoring and timely review of the plan and investments


Under SEBI Regulatory Requirements, we have to maintain KYC documents (Photo, ID proof and Residence proof) and Risk profile of the client.

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