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Non Resident Indians and their Financial Planning in India?

It's Not How Much Money You Make...But How Much Money You Keep, How Hard It Works For You and

How Many Generation You Keep It For - Robert Kiyosaki 

WHY Financial Planning in India?

Well, NRIs are Non Resident but still Indians. You may have the intention to Come back for good at some point in time. You may like to enjoy your retirement years in your own Country where the cost of living is quite less then your host country.. In today’s kind of tough scenario i have also seen many NRIs are forced to return to India (Due to Job issues), so sometimes it’s not in your hand. You may have accumulated some of your assets while in India before going abroad. You may inherit some assets from your Parents. You may have some of your responsibilities and goal in India. All this requires you to Plan your finances as per the goals in India. Financial Planning helps you organize your finances and helps you take a holistic view of your life , so you can have a better connection between your money and your Life. And work out on your Investments, Insurance, taxes, goals and many other things wisely.

A Good Financial Planning is all about Good Financial habits

How NRI Financial Planning is different and Complex?

It is complex, yes. and this complexity comes from the financial arrangement in the home country as well as where you are currently residing. Your Better investment capacity due to currency conversion makes you a sought after customer of the bank, Insurance agents, Real estate agents etc. which further complicates the structure when you buy their products without having holistic view of your finances. Other issues which makes it Complex are...


With some goals in your Host country and some in Home country, financial management becomes dicey. Sometimes you have some goals in third country as well, to make the calculations further complicated. 

Employment Benefits & Rules

Employment benefits, rules and taxation may be complicated in your host country. Especially when you have plans to bring them back to your home country at some point in future.


With Income coming from single or many countries, Investments in multiple countries, You need to manage the Tax rules of all different countries. Even in India FEMA and Income Tax act rules need to be considered

Personal Finances 

Insurance, Investments, Estate planning, Cash flow management...all needs consideration from all sides. You definitely need Professional Support in Understanding and managing all. 

Here’s what Our Clients say about

Our Service

Financial Planning for NRIs in India
Yadvinder Changotra


He Under Promises and Overachieves

Manikaran Singhal is very knowledgeable and trustworthy Financial Planner . He provides a fresh impetus to your personal Financial planning by providing very transparent Pro\Con view of various financial schemes available in the market.His greatest strength lies in his deep knowledge of the Banking Sector along with Insurance and Mutual Funds .

He has always under promised and over achieved which should be a trademark quality of any Financial Planner . Happy to have him provide me with his expert service”

Personal Financial Planning for NRIs
Vivek Shrivastava


He educates, examines, and maximizes

Manikaran ; wealth manager for my high-end portfolio has been always looking for the best way for me to maximize my investment. He is knowledgeable about the market and savvy to consumer impressions and misconceptions. His approach is to educate clients in a way that is easily understood. He examines what is presented to him and then lays out a plan with various options that are up to you to decide which you would prefer. He goes over all options and what would result in each option.

What Will NRIs get in Financial Planning?

Broad structure of any financial planning exercise is the same. But the output differs as Ingredients differs with different profiles. As written Above, NRIs Financial plan requires different kind of attention


Step 1: Lets Know Each Other

After verbal discussion and understanding,we prefer to put everything in writing. This is a Compliance and Ethical matter. We will send you the agreement which will explain the Scope of Services, Compensation structure and other disclosures. Once agreement signed and Invoice is cleared. We will send the Data gathering sheet and Risk profile questionnaire. 


Step 2: Know each other Better

We Will discuss on your Risk profile and Advice you on suitable Asset Allocation for long term Investments. We will ask more question based on the data that you had shared to have better understanding on your Financial structure and your requirements. Depending on the goals you have and other investments we may ask the country and tax specific questions. However, you need to understand that for Host country specific taxation matters, you need to have professional over there. We can only guide you only on India Matters, and for complicated requirements we may also have to take some professional help


Step 3: Preparation and Presentation of the Plan

Based on our discussion and understanding of the Financials and Requirements, we will prepare a detailed financial Plan for you with specific Action Points. After discussing Plan with you, we will prepare Investment plan where we will guide you on specific investments as advised in the Financial Plan. We will also review your currently invested products and advise you on if to continue or discontinue the same 


Step 4: Execute and Monitor

Post Plan, the Planning work starts. This is an Ongoing task where we execute, review and monitor the Investments based on the Financial and Investment Plan Shared. We will also Review the Financial and Investment plan on annual and semi annual basis. Also be available to answer your queries on Personal finances related matters. Since Financial wellness involves long term hand holding and understanding, we prefer to have long term relationship. However, if you want you may not opt for step 4 and discontinue the engagement after step 3. 

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NRIs Goal based Investments in India

Without Goals there can't be a Plan. Without Plan it is difficult to be in discipline. Without discipline growth will always be in question. NRIs generally plan for their Retirement, House Purchase, Investment Management and sometimes Children education too in there Home Country India. 

However, there are some who wants to be Financially free as soon as possible, since they feel that they can save more when they are out of India. Some wants to  

save for seed capital for their new business, Some wants their Parents money to be managed well in India

Every Profile is different, Every NRI requirements are different, and so does the Complexity in every profile.

In the whole process lots of things need to be planned and managed. Like bank accounts, Insurances, Employer benefits, Investments, taxation etc. With No social security arrangement in India your planning should cover all the aspects you may foresee needs attention. 

Your Financial plan may be different when you are outside India, When you have just returned and when you have already returned. Every step needs a detailed review on all the aspects. which is why more than Financial Plan , the Financial Planning is important. and this is where a Professional and certified financial planner will be of help. 



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Financial planning is a Fee based Profession. and Since this is now being Regulated by SEBI so many Certified Financial Planners and especially those who are Registered with SEBI, like us work only on "Fee only" structure. This means that we work as Fiduciary and don't earn any commissions from the products that we advise. NRIs are usually accustomed to Fee only advice as this is the norm in many countries and it creates lots of Transparency in the Relationship.

Still, if you did not experienced Financial planning Services before, then just to encourage you and remove the fear of paying from your mind, we offer you 100% money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the Service Quality.

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What are your charges for your Services?

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