This is a detailed comprehensive financial planning service, meant for those who though are from DIY (Do it Yourself) category, but wants to collaborate with financial planner for a detailed plan suitable to their needs and risk tolerance.

If you believe that Financial Planning is necessary to give you a direction on steps to take in your financial life related to investments, taxes, goals, accumulation, distribution etc., but want a limited relation with professional financial planner and will implement the plan yourself then this service is for you.

To help you implement the plan as per recommendations, here we’ll give you full support for 1 month, after the Plan is written and presented.

comprehensive financial planningFee structure

– Starts from Rs 14500

It is a Fee only One-time lump sum service, for a detailed financial plan.

Who should opt

This Fee only comprehensive financial planning service best suits to those who don’t want to engage with financial planner for long but still look out for professionally written and recommended financial plan, to implement and monitor themselves

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  1. You request for GET RICH services through Contact us form.
  2. We’ll mail you the Agreement, data gathering sheet, Risk profiler and Invoice.
  3. You reply us with the completed data gathering sheet, answer the risk profiler and make the payment.
  4. We’ll schedule one call with you at mutually convenient time to understand your data and other requirements.
  5. Then we’ll start working on the financial plan and write a detailed financial plan for you with recommendations.
  6. We’ll schedule another call to explain you the recommendations and how to move forward.
  7. For the next 1 month after presenting the financial Plan, we’ll handhold you to implement the complete Plan.

What you get:

  • Detailed financial plan with Asset allocation and investment advice
  • Solutions and recommendations to your other targeted goals and requirements
  • One month hand holding to help you implement the plan.


*Under SEBI Regulatory Requirements, we have to maintain KYC documents (Photo, ID proof and Residence proof) and Risk profile of the client.

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