When the Goal is to LIVE RICH,

FAMILY becomes your Priority.

We Understand this and thus offer a Supporting hand in Managing YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE Goals

Financial Planning Service - RICH LIFE

If you are looking for Complete Organising of your Financial Life, make suitable Investments, getting out of non-suitable Products, and have a disciplined process oriented Financial Plan, this service is for you

  1. Your Cash Flow (Income, Expenses, EMIs, Insurance Premiums, Other savings etc.) will be Analysed.
  2. Your Net Worth (Assets and Liabilities) will be checked. *Please Note your Real growth is when your Networth grows.
  3. Your Financial Health Check will be done.
  4. Your Risk Profiling will be done, to find out suitable Investment Asset Allocation for YOU.
  5. We will help you Set and Prioritize Your Smart Goals.
  6. Your Existing Investments will be Reviewed
  7. Your Existing Insurance Policies will be Reviewed. And Suggest what policies to be kept and what to be surrendered.Also what to be bought as new.
  8. Your Existing Loans will be reviewed. And suggest what is to be Prepaid and How.
  9. You will be suggested with Good Investment options suitable to your Goals and Your Risk profile.
  10. Basic Tax Planning Suggestions.
  11. Basic Estate Planning Guidance.
  12. Investment behavior Counselling.
  13. We will Help you in Implementing the RecommendationsMonitor the Investments and do a timely review of the Portfolio and Financial Plan. (Optional)

FEE Starts from Rs 21000/-

Benefits Of Financial planning

  • You will get more hold onto your Cash flows, Assets and Liabilities.
  • You will get to know your Risk Profile better and Learn what kind of Investments you should be into.
  • You will be able to set Clear and Smart Goals.
  • You will have a Proper Investment Strategy at Place, considering your Risk Tolerance, Suitable Asset Allocation, and Priorities.
  • You will be able to Plan your Taxes, Insurance and Estate Well.
  • The Whole exercise will Put you into a Disciplined Process and give you more clarity and organized view on your finances to help you achieve your goals.

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