Religare care Health Insurance – Review and comparison

Updated on 15.03.2017

No Longer a new kid on the block. Religare health insurance which came up as a 4th stand-alone health insurance company in India after Star, Apollo Munich and Max Bupa, has no doubt given a tough competition to its rivals. Its first product Religare care mediclaim policy has led others in the league to change their product features to answer the competition.

This post is all about the features of Religare care health insurance policy and its comparison with the other similar products available among stand-alone health insurers.

Religare Care health insurance – basic features

Over a period of time Religare care features have become much more comparable to its other peers. Now a days health insurance policies majorly compete on the services rather than the product features. Let me point out some of the Important features in Religare care Health Insurance.

1.      Lifelong Renewability.

After Apollo Munich and Max Bupa, Religare health Insurance also has come up with Lifetime Renewability, through Religare Health insurance –care. 

2.      Wide range of sum assured – up to Rs 6 crores.

Religare care has different versions in its plans which offer different sum assured. It has feature of providing higher cover to get treatment outside India also. Maximum cover you can get in Religare care is Rs 6 crores. 

3.      Annual Health check-up for insured members – regardless of claim history

All Major policy members can get the annual health check up (Pre-defined medical tests) done at authorized medical centers Free of cost.

4.      Automatic Policy recharge if the claim amount exhausts the current coverage.

Religare health insurance Care, when launched broke the monopoly of “Apollo Munich optima restore” with this feature. But practically Recharge and Restore have different workings and recharge is much better. 

5.       Co-payment

If someone is above 61 years of age, and buying Religare care for the first time then S/he has to bear with this copayment feature and pay 20% of the claim amount from own pocket. However if looked upon or compared with other insurers, which don’t offer covers to this age group 20% copay is not a bad feature.

If you are looking for health insurance for parents, then Religare care can be a good choice. Else you may also look at some health insurance policies as offered by nationalized banks like PNB oriental Royal mediclaim or canara apollo munich plan.

Religare Care – Comparison with Apollo Munich and Max Bupa

Religare care comparison

Should you Buy Religare Care Health Insurance?

As i said above that now days you will find much similarities in product features, its all about customer servicing now. And customer servicing is something which can not be judged sitting on the sidelines. you need to dive in and have to have practical experience with the services to make an opinion about the same.

Due to Portability provisions available, every other company knows that if they do not provide better services customer can move to other insurance company easily. So service quality has improved a lot in last few years.

Health insurance policies should have lesser conditions attached to keep it simple for the insured. Religare care looks like a simple policy. Those who wants to buy a fresh policy can have a look at this. This has a mix of many popular features like the recharge of sum assured, Free Annual health check up etc. which makes religare care worth considering while searching for good health insurance policies. For the lower sum assured like below 4 lakh Room rent limits may be a deterrent, but for higher sum assured this product looks suitable.

Do share your opinions or experience with Religare care in the comments section below.

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  1. BEWARE. Religare is very quick to call you on the phone to take payment. At no stage do they inform you that there is a Rs300 fee for declined policies. Your card is charged immediately, without the policy being issued. After a week they inform you that you policy has been declined and it will take 10 working days to process a refund. Why should the card be charged without a policy being issued? And to add insult to injury, a Rs 300 fee is charged for declining the policy. Horrible service

  2. I have used Max Bupa Heartbeat 2L for 1 year and now i have ported out my policy to Apollo Munich Optima Restore 5K, I am planning to take a new Policy of Religare Care with Super No-Claim Bonus 5L. I will cancel Apollo as i haven’t received documents yet, so i have 15 days time to cancel and go with Religare. I just want to know that am i taking right decision?

    • Vinay, both the policies i.e. apollo restore and religare are equally good. Though religare super NCB has few different features like higher NCB and annual health check up. See if you want to move out from apollo due to the bad service experience or high premium then its fine otherwise doing same exercise to buy new policy does not make sense to me.
      Every year you will find companies launching new products, so one should not keep moving between insurers. Stick to any one you like and continue your policy for some years. there’s no point in moving out unless there is some very attractive feature…atleast attractive to you.

  3. Hi,
    I have taken Easy Health Plan for my father age 58 from Apollo Munich.The policy issue date is 12 Sep.2014. My father undergone pre policy health checkup and at that time all medical reports came normal . He has no high B.P, no Diabetic, no Cholesterol,E.C.G is also normal. Also my father did not hide any disease in the proposal form .He is fit & fine no health issues in the past.
    But on 24 sep2014 he is suffered chestpain & admitted to hospital, Doctors perform angiography & in the test 1 blokage found & then doctors done angioplasty, now he is stable. My father has employer health insurance so I made claim & claim is approved.
    Can I inform my father post policy heath condition to Apollo? if yes then Apollo will increase premium or rejected policy at the time of renewal? My fear is that if I do not inform the Apollo then if there is claim in near future there is chance of Apollo will reject the claim?
    Please advise me what should be I do in the above case.
    Apollo has no claim based loading & I have not made claim yet so can they then increase premium on the basis of current health history after issuing health policy. Please advise.
    Can you explain me following clause in Apollo easy health policy document.
    .Loadings & Discounts:
    We may apply a risk loading on the premium payable (based upon the
    declarations made in the proposal form and the health status of the persons
    proposed for insurance). The maximum risk loading applicable for an individual
    shall not exceed above 100% per diagnosis / medical condition and an overall
    risk loading of over 150% per person. These loadings are applied from
    Commencement Date of the Policy including subsequent renewal(s) with Us or
    on the receipt of the request of increase in Sum Insured (for the increased Sum
    We will inform You about the applicable risk loading through a counter offer
    letter. You need to revert to Us with consent and additional premium (if any),
    within 7 days of the receipt of such counter offer letter. In case, you neither
    accept the counter offer nor revert to Us within 7days, We shall cancel Your
    application and refund the premium paid within next 7 days.
    Please note that We will issue Policy only after getting Your consent and
    additional premium (if any).
    Also I have received soft copy of the policy but physical documents not received yet due to my home is locked. now Apollo will be sending documents again

    • As the heart problem arose after the issuance of Apollo Policy so there’s no point of Loading the premium or rejection of policy. You are also under no obligation to inform apollo people about the current health condition, but if you want to you may go ahead. This should not affect your policy in any way.

      Just keep all the medical documents like first diagnosis report and test reports and maintain a proper file for this. In case in future you claim from apollo they will ask for these documents to verify that this problem was not preexisting at the time of policy buying.

      The policy wording clause is applicable at the time of policy issuance and says that company may put a loading on the premium depending on the underwrting process and health condition of the proposer.

  4. Hi Mr. Singal,

    I am looking for a Policy for My Father(age 53) , Mother(age 46) , Wife(29) ,Me(29) and My grandPa (85).

    What you can suggest?

    Best Regards

    • You may go for a separate policy for your parents, a floater plan for yourself and your spouse and another plan for your grandpa.
      For your parents and yourself, there is complete universe of health plans available , but for your grand pa you have to search out. There are policies from Apollo, Star, Max, and from nationalized companies too which offers cover to Senior citizens.

      • Hi Mr.Singal,

        thanks for the reply and I appreciate the way you are responding for everyone’s query, which is fantastic.

        What is the meaning of SI and SA?

        Why did you suggest separate plan for parents, is it to get more insured sum?

        I heard normally companies won’t allow for senior citizens, do you have any particular suggestion for that ?

        • Hi Ajomon

          Thanks for the appreciation.
          SI stands for Sum insured and SA is sum assured. Generally Sum insured is something from insured perspective and sum assured is from insurer’s . There’s very thin line between these terms and normally it is being used interchangeably.
          You may go through this link to understand the terms better
          The reason for me suggesting separate plans for parents is because of :
          1. High probability of illness due to age. and thus they should have their own separate adequate cover .
          2. Claim frequency can be high due to which other members of floater policy will have to suffer with reduced no claim bonus.
          3. In many floater policies, the premium is calculated from the age of person with higher age group. so this unnecessary increase the the overall premiums.

          These days many companies offers policy to senior citizens – Max, religare, apollo, ,star even nationalised companies also have specific plans for senior citizens.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I want to buy a family floater policy of Rs.10 Lakh for my family(2 Adult, 35&32 Year and 1 Child, 2year). I have short listed Apollo Munic Optima Restore, CignaTTK Prohealth and Religare Care. Please let me know which one will solve my purpose.

    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Hi Manikaran,

    I have following queries
    I am 28 year old and am confused whether to go for health insurance (single or double) or critical illness plan.
    1) Could u give me difference between the above 2?
    2) Also I have a brother. So whether we both can take a combined health insurance plan? If yes, which companies offer that?
    3) I have shortlisted 3 companies a) Religare Care b) Apollo Restore c) Cigna TTK.
    Could u guide me as to which one you be better in terms of cheaper premium, more benefits, more critical illness covers, more bonus for no claim, regular health checkups, more domicilary coverage, no cap on room rent and on diseases and that includes dental cover. Suggest me which one is good for SI of 10 lacs.

    • Arun, Health Insurance cover and Critical illness plan are totally different from each other. Where a health cover will take care of the hospitalisation expenses even due to critical illness, Critical illness is meant only for some specific illnesses. You can understand more about these from the link below

      You cannot take a joint policy with your brother.
      The main thing is you should be having adequate health insurance cover. Apollo is older than Religare and Religare is older then Cigna TTK, so definitely experience wise Apollo as a company is better, but in comparison product wise religare product is better than apollo restore. I have no idea on Cigna TTK policy, so you have to work on the comparison front.

  7. Dear Sir,

    1.Is it true, that in a family floater health insurance policy, if senior most person expires then whole policy lapse and rest of the member need to take policy again?

    2. Can I take 2 floater health insurance policies, one myself as proposer jointly with my wife and another my wife as proposer jointly with me.



    • 1. It used to be the case earlier. I am not sure about the national companies’ policies, but in private policies the second senior member can take over the policy and policy will remain continued.

      2. Yes. But why?

  8. Dear Sir
    I’m confused between Religare care, Apollo Munich, Max Bupa ICICI Lombard Family health insurance Plan. I find Religare care is attractive and affordable for 5 L policy for my family of me(58Yrs), Wife(54Yrs) .
    I have the symptoms of arthritis and hip replacement may be needed in future i am taking sazo 2 tablets per day.
    plz suggest which plan is good for me.

  9. Hello Mr. Singal,

    I wanna buy insurance policy for my Mother(Age-59). She is Diabetic and I am not aware of any other health insurance policy and its details except Religare as Religare customer service has been calling me these days many times. I liked some features of religare like auto recharge,no co-payment and free annual health checkup.
    i just want to confirm the reliability of Religare and its claiming & reimbursement process. will it be safe to go with religare ?
    As i read some negative comments too about religare above.

    • In this internet age its very easy to defame anyone. If people like something they may not give positive comments, but if they don’t like then will surely give negative comments. In my personal view Religare is like any other health or general insurance company. You should look at the product features and if it suits you then go ahead with it.There’s nothing to worry.
      But make yourself comfortable first. Otherwise go with the one which you are comfortable with. Check out Nationalised insurers.They must be having good name in Janta.

  10. Dear Sir
    I an interested to Buy a Healt insurance policy
    for my Father & mother from Max Bupa Heart Beat Plan ( 2 Lakhs )

    Age is 55 & 50 Years

    Till now there is no critical health issue.

    this plan is better or not

    Please suggest m,e & guide me.

    • Max bupa heart beat is a good plan. Pls do understand the condition of co payment after crossing 60 years of age, and other conditions attached


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