1. Fro senior Citizens, in 10% bracket do not find most of 80C and other sections.
    While, other tax payers do benefit from the deductions/ exemptions, Sr.Citizens do not find such beneficial sections/ exemptions.
    I would like to have your comments/ suggestions.
    2. Sr. Citizens look for Safe, assured monthly income for a duration of 15-20 years, say up to the age of 75-80.

    Bank FDs @9% interest is available for a maximum period of 10 years.
    Are there, avenues, other than Annuities, which need to be subscribed long before superannuation, for getting safe assured return after 10 years, from 70 to 80 years.

    • In a general view senior citizen after retirement look out for safe investment instrument which can also supplement their regular pension or other monthly income. To answer that section 80C tax saving instruments have Senior citizen saving scheme and 5 year bank Fixed deposit.

      Now the benefit depends on your expectation too. section 80C is so vast that you can invest in safe instruments with medium term tenure, moderately and high risk instruments for long term like NPS, PPF or MF ELSS. Selecting of product depends on investor’s requirement. One may not get best of both worlds like growth and safety simultaneously.

      If you ignore section 80C investments, then you can create structure with mutual funds for your regular income need. You may go with balanced mutual funds for 10 years and start with SWP to get regular monthly income. Though it is not written as assured anywhere but back testing has proven that this strategy works best to generate regular income. Still you have to keep close watch and monitor the portfolio regularly.


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