Unlocking a Successful New Year 2024: The Art of Setting and Achieving Financial Goals

new year 2024

The trend of making New Year resolutions has evolved into a popular ritual, often treated more as a fleeting trend than a serious commitment. While the term “resolutions” implies a firm decision to do or not do something, the reality is that these well-intentioned aspirations often fade away without a solid action plan.

In my journey as a financial planner, I’ve realized that a life plan, encompassing both personal and professional aspects, is crucial for real change. It’s not just about addressing weaknesses; it’s about balancing strengths and weaknesses to achieve holistic growth.

Consider this example: If you are good at work, but your health also needs attention, then along with working on your health, you need to improve your work productivity too, so if you need some sort of health breaks or time leverage in your working hours there should not be any problem. Giving hectic work schedule excuses will hamper both sides.   

As we approach the New Year, take a moment to reflect on your experiences, both positive and negative. Embrace the learnings and consider the hits and misses. Now is the time to let go of the past, look ahead to the future, and carve out some valuable “Me time.”

The below mentioned steps will help you make your new year 2024 action oriented towards wellness.

How to make new year 2024 goal and action oriented

Step 1 – Write down the Goals, Not Resolutions

Instead of vague resolutions, set clear and meaningful goals for new year 2024. Whether it’s improving health, enhancing skills, or achieving financial milestones, writing down your goals amplifies your thoughts. Goals, unlike resolutions, allow for the creation of actionable plans and steps to success.

Keep the list manageable and focused on bringing visible changes to your life. Ensure your goals align with your personal well-being, not external expectations. Remember, it all starts with a positive feeling; fear, comparisons, and expectations can hinder progress.

Your Goals should be worthy enough for you, so even if you could not achieve completely, even half done says something about your efforts.

Goals should be yours, not others’. To put it another way, you want to achieve them for your wellness, not to please others. As an example, you may want to lose weight for your own reasons, not because others want it or because they look good. Feeling good from the inside should be the motivation.

Step 2: Prioritize and Trim Your List

Prioritize your goals by evaluating their impact on your life. Consider both short-term and long-term repercussions. For instance, compare the importance of controlling blood pressure to accumulating wealth. Do the “What If Analysis” on achievement and non achievement of both these goals, and then keep one over other.

Same way to prioritize between upgrading your skills in your own field or learning about Stock market Trading, you need to understand what will make your life better. And what is more practical and required in your situation. 

Prioritizing ensures you focus on goals that matter most.

Step 3 – Break Down your Goals

It is quite normal that we always want the best for ourselves. But remember, Best comes at 3rd step. You need to be Good first, then better and later when you are getting better and better with your goodness, you reach a stage which is called best.

  • You may want to lose 20 kgs in a year, so better to focus on losing 2 kgs in the first month. 
  • Reading 20 books a year may be your goal, but you need to start with one first, in fact 5-10 pages per day
  • Having 10 crores of assets always starts with 10/50 lakh first, or may be a SIP of 50 thousand or 1 lakh

Also remember shortcuts don’t work on  important goals impacting your life. There has to be a change in your habits, your lifestyles. You can’t make a fool of yourself. 

The journey towards the best version of yourself starts with small steps. Whether it’s weight loss, skill enhancement, or financial growth, begin with achievable milestones. Gradual progress is sustainable progress.

Small achievements encourage you to look  forward towards Bigger Achievements

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Step 4. Check out your resources and Develop your Action Plan

Understanding your current position is crucial for charting your path forward.

You have four key resources: Time, Health, Money, and Skills.

It’s vital to align your goals with these resources. Many resolutions fail because people try to do everything at once and everything themselves, without a clear plan.

Consider how focusing on one goal might affect other areas of your life. Life involves making trade-offs. For instance, if you want to learn about investments but have limited time, you could either learn it yourself or consult a professional. This allows you to focus more on improving your skills in your current job.

Similarly, you can boost your skills by spending less time on social media. This gives you more time to learn new things or focus on your health.

It’s essential to excel in your strengths and delegate tasks that aren’t in your wheelhouse to experts.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or seek help, understanding your resources and setting clear action steps is key to achieving your goals.

Understand your available resources—time, health, money, and skills. Recognize the demands each goal places on these resources. Many resolutions fail because there’s no concrete plan. If losing weight is your goal, acknowledge the time, money, and skills it demands. Having a support system, such as a fitness coach or financial advisor, can be invaluable.

Remember, start small and be consistent. Habits take time to develop, so gradually increase intensity as you become accustomed to the process.

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In my book, “The Art of Being Good with Money,” I delve deeper into this process. It’s available on Amazon, and while reading is essential, taking action is key.

Here’s to a meaningful, successful, and happy New Year 2024!

Let’s make 2024 a year of Actions not just Resolutions


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