1. Dear sir,
    Could u pls.suggest on urgent basis as:

    I bought shop in 2007 & wants to sale in April 2019.
    My queries is, whether part(75-80%) of sale consideration can be invested in residential building as per 54F & balance (capital gain tax amt) in Bonds as per 54EC?

  2. Dear sir
    I bought shop in 2007 & want to sale in April 2019.
    My queries as:
    Whether I can buy residential flat under construction from 75-80% sale consideration amt.as per 54F & balance (capital gain tax liability after indexation) can be invested as per 54EC?

  3. On sale of commercial property, can we opt for majority amt.of sale proceed as per 54F & balance amt be invested as per 54EC to save capital gain tax?

  4. I have residential house which I booked in 1974 & got possession in 1980 @ Rs.151435.00 now I wish to sell in april’19 around two crores ..
    1. How to calculate present value allowed by income tax ..
    2. Suggest how to save tax .. Such as rural bond etc.

    • You have to take the help of government approved valuer to reach the cost price of your house as on 01.04.2001, so you may adjust CII further and calculate the cost at the time of sale.
      To save tax you may buy capital gain Bonds or buy another residential house, or a mix of both.


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