In 2022, Let’s Resolve to say “NO”

Happy new year 2022

They say to improve your focus on the things you want, you should consistently say NO to the things you do not want. Because you may not know what you actually want but you will surely know what you do not want. (Also Read: Mindfulness is essential to improve focus)

For instance, if I ask you how much of return you want in your investments, you may say, more is always better. But what actually will satisfy you, you may not be sure. (Also Read: What is a good return on investment?)

However, if I ask you how much of the loss you are ready to bear in your investments…you may say ZERO. So, rather than chasing returns, which is endless, to be happy you should work out the portfolio to minimize losses.

Morgan Housel wrote in one of his articles – People tend to know what makes them angry with more certainty than what might make them happy. Happiness is complicated because you keep moving the goalposts. Misery is more durable.

A few days back one of my friends asked me how to improve on social media habits. She knows that it is taking lots of her quality time, which she can use elsewhere in some productive activities, but still was finding it difficult to delete the apps on her mobile…with some unknown fear, which she was not sure. And gave a vague reply like ‘losing touch’ ‘Information’, Gossips as stress buster”, “Friends” etc.

She is not alone. You very well know your bad habits, you know what is keeping you away from the good life you want for yourself, you know what and who are your time wasters, still, you do not do anything about them. (Also Read: 21 Good Money Habits for a Great Financial Life)

So, rather than resolving good things to work on in 2022, How about Resolving the things you should avoid, or say NO to?

Let me give you some examples where you might find yourself.

Fast Food and Oily snacks always look delicious, exercise/walk sounds boring and this is where your last year’s resolution to lose weight or improve the Lipid profile lies. (Also Read: How to improve lipid profile in personal finance?)

Killing time on Instagram, WhatsApp, and TV, may “entertain” you or make you feel “connected”, but this is where your reading, sleeping, and family time lies.

Buy Now Pay Later, No cost EMIs, swiping credit cards always give Instant Gratification and short-term happiness. But this could be the reason, you may not be able to fund your Next International Family trip. (Also Read: How to use credit cards to your advantage?)

Stock Trading looks more exciting than Investment. Stock Investments seem more rewarding than Mutual Funds. But all this is taking so much of your time which can be well spent to upgrade yourself professionally, so as to keep the cash inflow coming in for Investment ?

Saying Yes to all Online and Offline sales may impact your emergency fund. (Why is an emergency fund important?- Video)  

I have written something like this in My book – The Art of being Good with Money. You must read it.

Goodness is in Saying NO –

Are you a YES person? Do you like to please everyone around you by accepting all their offers and even buy the products they sell? Do you say YES to every samosa party happening in your office? Do you say YES to every online sale and then the EMI offers by credit cards? Do you say YES to all the new iPhone launches? And do you say YES to all these, even after knowing their ill effects on your life and money?

When you know what is distracting you from your path, then why is it so difficult to say NO to them?

Nos will keep the Bad things and Habits at bay and give room for the Good to enter. But when you say Yes to all the unproductive and Unhealthy things, how do you expect your Resolutions to work for you.

Nos give you space to breathe, to think, to reflect.

Let’s declutter our personal and money life this new year, by adding less, reducing more.

Wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Fabulous New Year 2022


  1. Hallo sir,

    I’m a regular reader of your articles and a fan of yours. The article are very good and are educational and informative.

    Wish you a good luck and a great new year.

    Satyendra Kariwala


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