My Book – The Art of Being Good with Money

The Art of being Good with Money

Though, I have already shared this news with you in my earlier article – Signs you have unhealthy Relationship with Money that I have written a Book in collaboration with CNBC TV 18 (India’s Biggest Media House), which is going to be out soon.

This is a Formal announcement, that I am happy to share with you My First Book – The Art of Being Good with Money. It is now Available on Amazon for your online Purchase.

Now, I am sure you’d like to know, what this book is about? How different this would be from other personal finance books?

When I shared the Amazon link with some of my friends, one of them asked very interesting question, that- How to be good with Money is what he will learn from this book, but who would tell Money to be Good with him. His Money always remains annoyed, and never stays with him.

And my Reply was, if you be Good with Money, Money will be Good with you. Period. To get Respect, you have to give respect. It’s a Give and Take, and not keep taking (expecting ) and never give.

And this is what the theme of the book is. Also, this is the thought process I work within my Financial planning Practice.

This Book is about your Goodness., which is your first trait, your basic character. It is about being Good, and not looking Good. It is about your internal self which may be hidden behind your personality, your external self.

My Book will not tell you how to make good investments, but will guide you how to behave good with the investments and be a good investor. What should be your attitude towards your money and how you should treat her if you really want her to help you be successful.

Money is not the only thing in your life, it’s a part of it., in fact, this is one of the most important relationships you have in your life. And like every other relation this also expects some care, nurturing, love from you.  

You have to have balance in all the relations and then only you will get the desired Peace and Happiness. This book tells you how to keep and maintain that balance. What could the important areas you should pay attention to, so to have everlasting success?

Richness is not only about having more money, in fact, your desire to have more also makes you less grateful to what you have. So Value what you have then only you would be able to attract more.

Sounds Philosophical? Well, to some extent yes, as Philosophy only acts as Guiding principles for your behaviour. And Money management is 80% behaviour.

First of all, you should know yourself, your surroundings and accept the things the way they are. The next step is to decide what you want, why you want what you want, and learn what you should do to get what you want, and lastly, you need to understand that though you know what to do, and how to do still the Results are not in your hand.


Art of being Good with Money

I have divided my book Art of being Good with Money in the 3 sections – Knowing – Learning and understanding and make it an easy read for you.

I have Shared my Life experiences, Stories, My thoughts, My learnings, and much more in My First Book. Also covered the financial planning basics of budgeting, Net worth, asset allocation, Risk Management in a very simple, storytelling way.

I am sure this would be a useful and Interesting read for you.

Click here to BUY YOUR COPY NOW. And if you already have it, make sure you share your feedback and review on Amazon.



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