Is your Money Giving you Stress? Keep Your ECG in Check!

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Your Money gives you Stress or happiness– this was the topic of my last week’s Money Talks Episode with my Friend Sumit Bhandari. If you are on youtube and following my channel then you must have seen it. And if not please do subscribe, Watch, Share and tell your friends to do so. 

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Actually, it came from our discussion on Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide, and like everyone, we also were kind of shocked to hear this news. Whatever be the reason, suicide cannot be or should not be an option. 

Well, these were our thoughts and no one can guess what kind of stress and psychological pressure one may be going through before taking such a big step.

Slowly our discussion moved to money as how can money bring stress in one’s life. Can a Successful person be also into stress which may lead him or her to do something which should be avoidable?

The answer to this question was a big “YES”. In that case, the cause is not the money but your own thoughts that may be the result of your relationship with money.

As I always say and even written in my book that Money is one of the important relations in your life and you should treat it the way you want it to treat you. 

Just like every relationship it also demands love and respect from you, and in turn, it will help you get the respect you deserve.

But once you start abusing it, pressurizing it and put it under stress then there are full chances of it to respond in the same way.

See, Money has no power to give you stress or happiness. But it’s what you do with your money is what actually puts you into stress or gives you happiness! 

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And whether that is temporary or unintentionally you are making it permanent is what you need to be watchful of.

There are 3 stages of Wealth Creation. Accumulation, Preservation, and Distribution.

Accumulation is the growth years when you save your money and invest it in the instruments that let it grow over a period of time. It’s not a one- or two-year activity, but very long-term exercise. (Video: How Long is a Long term in Long term Investments)

In the whole accumulation period your money will see many highs and lows, but if you handhold it like your child, protect it and teach it the importance of discipline, and learn along with how to manage the pressures then definitely it will succeed with flying colors and will support you as and when you require and also in your Old age.

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But if you put unnecessary performance pressure on it (by always wanting for more), invest into unwanted products just to earn more and faster, and rather than putting it into a process and letting it grow you just keep hanging around its head and forget all other relations in your life, over a period of time you will realize that though you may have got what you want from it, money has stopped respecting you.

As you will not be able to enjoy what you have. The money will stop giving you happiness but stress, as you have done the same with it in its growing years.  

And many times, you will even see your money has stopped growing in the early years. It happens when rather than investing and letting it grow you start parting with it in terms of EMIs…In other words, you have started consuming it. 

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Just like if you keep pressurizing your child to perform, always look at it in comparison to others and feel that it is not doing up to the mark as per your expectations, then even if it grows to what you wanted it to be, will never be happy and neither will keep you happy the way it has potential to be.

money stress - the art of being good with money

The second stage of wealth is Preservation. Preservation is the time when you take note of what you have to conserve and preserve it so you can enjoy the same and live happily in your Old age which is the distribution stage.

In growing years, you should not try to preserve your money but give it the freedom to learn and perform, not the way you want but as per its potential (which depends on your personal circumstances). Remember every child is different, so is every personal financial circumstance and understanding. You may take the help of a financial planner (Read Teacher) to guide you, and help your money to grow.

Plus, in the later years when money needs preservation, don’t let it keep working the way it used to be. As damage in old age is more dangerous and difficult to recover unlike when you are young. 

The accumulation stage is the habits and behavior building stage. If you learn to keep your money happy, it will never put you into stress. And these 3 habits as mentioned below will help you in showing your money the respect it deserves and grows to its potential.

1. Expectations (E) – Less you expect in returns, and More you focus on Process, your money, and also you will never be into stress.

2. Comparisons (C) – Less you compare yourself and your money with others, the more satisfied and peaceful you will be from within and enjoy what you have.

3. Gratitude (G) – More you are thankful for what you have, more you will get the same in return. But if you don’t value what you have, the universe will not give you more of that.

If you keep your ECG in Check, you will be able to live happily with your Money. And Money will also give you more success and less stress. 

Stay Healthy…Stay Happy. Be Good with Money! 


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