Max bupa Family First – Review

max bupa family first review

Post Updated on 31.03.2017

Max Bupa health insurance has a unique one of its kind product called Max Bupa Family First. Its uniqueness is in its feature of provision for covering 19 relationships of a family in a single plan. Max Bupa family first comes in 2 variants – Max Bupa heart beat and Max Bupa health companion.Relationships can be parents,

Actually Heart beat and Health companion are 2 main products of Max Bupa health insurance, it just to make it suit to different requirement, both of their features are added into Max Bupa family first structure.

Let’s understand Max Bupa family first in detail with comparative analysis of its both variant under Max Bupa heart beat and Max Bupa Health companion.

Max Bupa family first – in brief

Basically, this is an extended version of Max Bupa health insurance family floater policy. In a family floater policies generally, the maximum of 2 adults with the maximum of 2 kids (some policies cover 3 kids also) are covered but in Max Bupa family first you can get 19 relationships covered under a single plan.

Max Bupa family First – List of Relationships that can be covered

SelfGrand Father
SpouseGrand Mother
SonGrand Son
Daughter-in-lawGrand Daughter

As compared to floater plans in Max Bupa family first there are 2 types of covers, one is individual which is available to every member separately and other is floater which anyone of the member can use after exhausting his own individual cover.

This is where Max Bupa Health Insurance is pitching its USP but as a buyer, this should not be the only feature your decision be based upon. There are many other features which demand your attention

Max Bupa Family first – basic features

Max Bupa family first features vary with product variants – Max Bupa Heartbeat and Max Bupa Health companion. When Max bupa health insurance was launched in India, it came up with only heart beat version, but later on looking at the Indian requirements and also to provide economical version of health insurance and remain competitive in its pricing, Max bupa Health companion was announced, and also added health companion features in family first too.

Below table will give you a comparative analysis and also understanding of basic features of Max Bupa family first – Heart beat and Max Bupa Family first health companion. 

Max bupa family first - heartbeat vs health companion

Besides above, Max Bupa family first heart beat version has one more variant as Platinum, which has a kind of premium features like High sum assured, OPD cover, additional child care benefits, International treatment of specific illnesses.

These are high end features, so if you are looking for a policy with basic cover and affordable premium, then better not get into platinum features. Else you may go through the policy brochure (Click here to download).

Max Bupa Family First – Should you Buy?

As I wrote above that Family first is a product structure where one can cover up to 19 relationships, whereas the features are of heartbeat and health companion only. So if you want to buy respective products on individual or family floater basis then you will find the same features there. However, the benefits may vary depending on the sum assured.

The main attractive and different feature in Max Bupa health insurance policies is that it does not reduce the “No claim bonus” based on future claim. Which means that once No claim bonus is added into your policy, then your policy coverage would not be reduced.

The other good feature that is available in the Max Bupa Heart beat version is that it does not have specific waiting periods, means you are fully covered after the initial waiting period of 30 days. This is one of the main reasons of high premium of heart beat plan.

I just feel only one issue with Max Bupa family first, which is that when you add members from all age brackets into a single plan, then sometimes your overall premium outgo gets increased, as the premium is calculated on the basis of higher age person. But on the other side since the floater cover is the common cover among all, so it should reduce the overall premium. Thus one should compare the premiums in different permutations and combinations

But on the other side since the floater cover is the common cover among all, so it should reduce the overall premium. Thus one should compare the premiums in different permutations and combinations.

Also, there is different zone variations too in health companion product, which one should be aware of while buying the policy…and i am sure that zone conditions would be applicable in Family first too.

Overall I find Max Bupa health insurance is a good company to buy health insurance from. One should be aware of the product features to the T to buy a suitable product.


  1. Hi
    Wish to have policy details for family
    Me(38) wife (34) and two kids .
    approx premimum for sliver plan


  2. Hi,
    I have an existing MAX BUPA Hearthbeat silver family floater policy for me and my spouse. My renewal is due in couple of days, I wish to upgrade my policy to GOLD keeping in mind the room benefits, etc. But the confusion is in that should i opt for 5 lac family floater or 2+3 lac family first (i.e. 2 lac sum insured for each individual and 3 lac as floater amount).
    Please suggest.

  3. Hi Manikaran,

    Currently i have Max bupa Family First which covers me and my wife with no kids.
    Please suggest how Max bupa Family First is different from Max bupa Family Floater,
    and which one is better.

    Ashish Jain

    • The difference is in the structure only. In family first you can add upto 13 relations in a single policy, but family floater is limited to your oen family only. Feature wise i don’t think there’s any difference.

  4. hello sir

    i am 27 year old and lookin for the family floater, there are 3 members in my family (mother 49 yeras, father 57 years and me). please guide me which policy would be best for me. MY MOTHER IS KNOWN FOR CASE OF HYPERTENSION, WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE COVER OF 3 LAKHS

    1. apollo munich optima restore (mother and father ) AND INDIVISUAL POLICY FOR ME

    • Arif to me both the companies are good. In max bupa do understand the co-payment feature after 60 years of age. Apollo is a good policy with a strict underwriting, so do ask them first as to how they will take up the case of hypertension.

  5. Hello Sir,

    I am looking for a health insurance with 10 lac cover for me 34 years and my wife 25 years. Please suggest a plan which is best for me in terms of feature, claim settlement and premium. I’m not looking for any special feature, but may be maternity benefits after some years. (no sublimit, no copay, refill, no claim bonus may be added advantage.


  6. Hi Manikaran ,
    thanks for this informative write up , i hope you will reply to my query
    I am having MAX BUPA Heartbeat silver plan for myself(36) , wife (34), son(5) with 5 lakh each + 15 lakh floater . When i have purchased policy in 2012 its premium is around 15,000 , but at every year they increase the premium and now premium reached 20,000, with this pace by the time i turn 60+ , i can think of the premium in Lakhs . IS this general phenomena across health insurance plans/ co

    when we started , there is option of interest free EMI from HDFC credit card , which they stops in 2013-2014 , Also as bonus every year , earlier they used to give ponts equal to premium amount , by which you can purchase some vouchers , which also they stops . I know purpose of buying policy is primarily health benefits , but still ,if you are getting some thing along it is good 🙂

    OK , so my query is 1) Shall i continue with same policy 2) can you suggest me some alternates with in max /outside

    just want to highlight that i was hospitalized in delhi for kidney stone operation in 2015 , and there service was good if not best ! will you suggest for port , to different plan , with less premium

    • Anand, Max Bupa is a good insurer. At least in my experience. And the Premium of Rs 20k in 36 years of age, with a separate cover of Rs 5 lakh each for all family members with Rs 15 lakh floater cover is not looking that high to me.
      You may check Max Bupa’s Health companion policy with a floater cover of Rs 10 lakh for complete family and top it up with a super top-up plan from max Bupa only for Rs 10 lakh. The base cover will increase to Rs 20 lakh after 2 years with No Claim Bonus, and the additional top-up will support in case of emergency. Not sure about the premium cost. Just try it once.
      Kidney stone is not a big issue.


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