Follow the Lockdown Rules – Keep Your Investment Safe


Every crisis comes with its own learning. And most of the time it only asks us to stay Calm, so to assess the situation well and manage it properly.

Panic only leads to chaos, and we end up doing things not good for us and on which we may have to repent later on.

This corona issue has not only impacted the world economy and stock markets but our personal lives too. Due to nationwide lockdown, we all are Home Bound, working from home and adjusting ourselves to the new reality.

In all this many of the investors are worried about their investments seeing the unprecedented fall in the stock markets. Some are getting excited, some are fearful. (Read: Mera Paisa Doob Raha hai)

There is so much information flow outside. Your WhatsApp experts say one thing, Facebook Guru says another. On one side someone is telling you to invest more and on the other, you are hearing of economic slowdown which will impact your investments Badly.

The truth is that all are right. Anything can happen. But what exactly will and in what form, no one can predict. It’s anyone’s guess.

Your decision to be based on your personal situation. You have to be sure on what you want to do with your investments, when are the goals getting due, how do you perceive your job scenario, what liquidity is available otherwise with you, Are you in the right products as per your risk profile etc.

But in the noise around it is normal to get confused and make such mistakes which could bother your financial life.

I have observed that if you follow the lockdown restrictions in your investments too, that will give you a necessary breather, broad view, and deep understanding of what you should or should not do with your money. Let me take them one by one.

  1. Social Distancing:

During these times you are expected not to go out of your home and meet people. Even if you have to, to buy some groceries or vegetables, then also you have to maintain 1m distance from others in the queue, so to keep yourself protected from any infection if the other person is carrying.

Same way if you want to keep your portfolio safe from any infectious news coming out of fear or excitement, which has the potential to spread and infect all your investments, then you have to maintain a decent distance from the Negative people for whom the doomsday is near, and even from the over positive ones who wants you to sell your house and buy equity at this time.

Stay away from social media, keep yourself safe from TV channels. This is your money. If you are not sure about what to do, talk to some financial planner, who could assess your situation broadly by analyzing your cash flow current situation and future expectations, your goals, your risk profile, the portfolio strategies, etc. and guide you objectively on what to do.

Remember in these kinds of medical emergencies, trust only certified and professional doctors and talk to them directly. Don’t fall in for social proof and don’t do what others are doing.

2. Self-Isolation

Even if after taking all the precautions you get in touch with some infected person, then better to put yourself in self-isolation and quarantine yourself. So not to let the infection spread.

Yes, it happens. Rather than getting excited to invest more or fearful to withdraw all, this would be the time to sit in quiet and review the situation with patience and Calm.

The crises may not be going to impact you at all, even if it leads to short term economic slowdown, as you are following the necessary precautions, and have a strong financial foundation.

Or it may have already infected you and thus you need to be taken care of medically, as in, due to all the bad news coming you might have already ruined your portfolio which may impact you badly over the short or long term.

Get Your Tests done in the form of Reviewing the financial plan to take note of the damage. Till the time your test results come, you have to follow again the same broad guidelines like keeping yourself away from Social media, TV channels and business newspapers.

3. Only Essentials are available

Now when the country is into lockdown, we have learned the difference between Essentials and Luxury. Needs and Wants.

Food is a need; Pizza is a luxury. Spending time with kids and Parents is a need, but going on vacation is a Luxury. ‘Staying in’ is a need and ‘Going out’ is a want.

When you have understood the same, so now besides the social distancing and self-isolation you should also follow another lockdown rule in your Investment management.

You may continue your investments for your Essential goals like Retirement, Child education, etc. and may like to compromise or delay the savings towards the wants or luxuries like Vehicle, Big house, vacation, etc.

This may compensate for the losses already seen in the portfolio, by letting you average the cost.

Define the essential and non-essentials in your life and give your limited time and money to the essentials.


First thing First, you have to stay safe and keep yourself protected from this Coronavirus. As health is truly the Wealth.

Second thing, don’t let your personal and financial wealth to be destroyed due to the information and opinion viruses that may badly impact on your wellness.

The Only way to stay protected is to follow the broad guidelines and if you find some symptoms or are getting worried or need some answers…Talk to Doctors (SEBI Registered Investment Advisers). Don’t do self-medication, or believe the so-called Financial Experts on Social media.

Stay Safe – Stay Healthy – Stay Wealthy


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