1. Hi,
    Nowadays, many brokerage firms such as ICICIDIRECT also allow their customers to subscribe to NPS through their portals?
    Do you think it will be easier/faster for an existing customer/user of such brokerage firms to subscribe/start investing in NPS, than the process above?

    • I guess both should be equally good ways. Through D’mat i think they don’t ask you to fill the form, but through banks ( ICICI bank) they would ask you to fill up the form. If this is so, then through ICICI Direct things should take equal time like eNPS.

  2. Hi,

    What is the correct way to choose amongst the 7 fund managers? Who would you recommend?

    Also, if I choose ‘active’, how frequently can I change the allocation from aggressive to conservative, and are there charges for doing so?

    • There’s no “CORRECT” way of choosing the fund managers. Not much information is available in public domain on what kind of portfolio these managers manage. Though in Economic times, every mMondayyou can check the performance comparison of these managers.
      Once chosen you cannot change the manager before 1 year, and i guess ( though not sure) there are some charges of Rs 50-100 on switching of fund managers.

  3. During filling personal details complete name is written in first name or first name and last name is written separately

  4. In last registration payment is for monthly or yearly? if i want to invest 50000 then direct can i pay 50000 in registration last step?

    • You mean on the last step of opening the enps account? It ask for the subscription amount to open the account…which is 500 minimum. You may go with 50k in one shot too.


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