Celebrate Diwali – Goodness Wali

diwali wishes - be good

Diwali is undoubtedly the biggest festival of India. There is a countrywide celebration of this festival and people celebrate it with differet reasons. Some celebrate it to mark a day of returning of Lord Ram,to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and killing Ravana, where as some observe it as day when Lord Krishna Kills Demon Narkasur.

There’s one more story where Lord Vishnu in his dwarf incarnation defeated the tyrant Bali and exiled him to hell.

This festival is held on “Amavasya” (moon less night) and people celebrate it by lighting the earthen oil lamps which dispels the darkness of night.

Whatever the reason is, the one thing that is common in all the stories, is the significance of the victory of good over evil, from darkness to light- the light that empowers us to commit ourselves to good deeds, that brings us closer to divinity.

Every story signifies that even if the Evil looks more Powerful and Big, always gets defeated by the Good. and the Moral of each story is “Be Good”. 

When you are good, you are liked (not only on facebook) but by the people around, Goodness makes you take care of your surroundings, environment. Goodness reflects in your Character. Respecting Elders, Women, Helping others, keeping surroundings clean, obeying laws etc. becomes your second nature.    

Being good is more related to one’s inner self rather than outer self. 

In psychological terms- being good mean obeying the dictates of one’s conscience, an internal voice which judges our actions as right or wrong, as worthy of one’s own approval or disapproval. 

By being good we gain a sense of uprightness, of goodness, and we avoid feeling guilt and shame.

This Diwali I wish you Celebrate goodness in you. 

Good to yourself: You are the epicenter of your family’s happiness. If you are good then you can spread goodness among others too. Be good to yourself. Stay healthy stay active. Happiness always comes from healthy mind, body and environment.

Stress is a part of life, but how you deal with it is totally up to you. Don’t let any of your official or job related matters spoil your happiness. You may say its easier said than done, but i say, practice makes a everyone perfect. 🙂

Eat healthy food, Do regular exercise, meditation, yoga etc. whatever helps you to keep the stress away. This Diwali take the first step and do what makes you happy, happy from within. And I am sure that buying new clothes, distributing gifts etc. is not that thing.

Good to your friends & family: Where you are the reason of your family’s happiness, your family’s well-being is the reason of yours. Your friends are not your friends just because you wish them every year; this is because you are good to them. Goodness brings richness into relations.

Spend time with your family. Sit with your parents, hold their hands and thank them for everything they have done for you. Ask them if they want something special to be done this year. If you live away from them, then promise that you will keep on coming frequently to meet them. Gift them the most precious thing in your life…your Time.

Teach your children the significance of Diwali and importance of goodness . Light up your house and life . Good people stay away from crackers, and don’t fall in the trap of “crackers for Shagun”. Whole country especially North India faces hell lot of pollution in these days, due to diwali crackers and stubble burning on the agriculture fields. Be concerned about others also. I am sure their happiness will make you feel good too.

“To iss Diwali aap kisko khush karenge?” (read: help your parents)

Good with your Money: Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi does not mean that you respect your money too. If you don’t use your money wisely then you are actually disrespectful towards her.

You can keep yourself happy by being good with money and also make others happy too by donating it wisely. Spend on necessities, save for wants and desires, spend on knowledge, and spend on social causes.

Allocate space for everything in your budget and use your money accordingly. Its a wide known fact that more than 50% of mithais, chocolates or other eatables that we receive or give as a gift during festivals like Diwali goes waste, More than 50% of crockeries that get exchanged never get used the whole year , Crores of rupees gets burnt on crackers.

Do you think that this way we are actually giving respect to our hard earned money? Is our country and even us are in a position to afford this wastage .Think?

Diwali is the festival of lights. Lighten up your life and dispel the darkness with in. It’s the time to kill the evil (stress, job pressures, societal pressures, peer pressure etc.) in you which stops you from being good. Overpower it with your goodness

Wish you the best of health, wealth, knowledge, peace and prosperity.

Be good always.

Good Moneying and HAPPY DIWALI.



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