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Boi National Swasthya Bima
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In the series of reviewing health insurance policies offered by nationalized banks, this time I am reviewing Bank of India national swasthya bima policy. This is the third in the series, other two I already reviewed were – (You may click on the product names to read about them)

Canara bank Mediclaim  and PNB Oriental Royal Mediclaim 

One thing is very clear from all the reviews I have done till now is that health insurance policy can be bought cheap too. Yes, buying it from nationalized banks may be troublesome, as you may not get smooth policy servicing, but I think that is the cost you pay to save money on your otherwise costly health insurance cover.

If one is ready to make some efforts and is aware of the basics of health insurance, then he can save a lot on policy premiums with not much of differential in the Policy features. This was very much visible from Canara Apollo Munich policy.

BOI national Swasthya Bima Policy – in brief

This health insurance policy is for Bank of India account holders or card holders, in tie up with National Insurance company Limited.  Features wise this policy stands at par with its counterparts, and premium wise also it is very much comparable.

This policy provides cover to Complete family covering Self, Spouse and upto 2 children, under floater version. Parents would not be covered in this policy.

The best part is that BOI national swasthya bima policy has no sub limits, which is difficult to imagine in a policy by national insurer, which makes this policy more attractive in its segment. Let us look at its basic features to understand the product

Important – BOI National Swasthya Bima has been discontinued

BOI national swasthya bima

BOI national Swasthya Bima Policy – Features

boi national swasthya bima policy

*As per Policy brochure, but in FAQs it is mentioned as covered.

Additional benefits:

  1. Maternity benefit – Up to 5% of Sum assured on Reimbursement basis (Check out the details on maternity benefit) 
  2. Health Checkup benefit – 1% of Sum assured after completion of continuous Claim free 3 Policy years
  3. NRIs can take this policy for Treatment in Indian Hospitals
  4. In case of hospitalization of Children below 12 years, Rs 1000 per policy year will be paid towards Out of Pocket expenses.
  5. Treatments in Nepal and Bhutan also covered in Indian Currency

(Download the BOI national swasthya bima policy policy prospectus)

BOI National Swasthya Bima Policy – Premium rates

(Source : BOI website)

boi national swasthya bima policy

BOI National Swasthya Bima Policy – Should you buy?

As a basic coverage this policy is not bad at all. But in my view Rs 5 lakh the maximum available cover in this policy is too less to have. However that can also be increased by taking a super top up policy, but national health Insurance does not have any Super top up policy…and it is always better to have both the basic and super top up from the same insurer to manage the claim better. ( Read: 4 ways to enhance health insurance cover)

I believe that maternity benefit should never be considered while buying any policy, but that can be taken as additional advantage. No Sub limit is also an attractive feature.

One should ask the insurer about the Day care coverage as nothing of this sort mentioned in the policy brochure. The policy documents received should be having the details about the same.

Rest as I always say that in case of health policy offered through nationalized banks buyers should be aware of the claim process and should be ready to make all the efforts himself as banks will not be providing any service related to this policy.

All in all BOI National Swasthya Bima policy looks to be a good buy, as a basic cover.


  1. I have a 5 lakhs policy of PNB Oriental. Since it has sub limits for room rent, can I port to BOI National or Canara Apollo Munich without any loss of waiting periods. I now have diabetes. Also, I have a super top up policy of United health care. Can I port that also to Apollo Munich?

  2. Hi,
    I have BOI National Swasthya Bima Policy of Rs. 50000/- Now i want to extend this mediclaim amount.
    what are the documentation required for this? Please suggest.

  3. i have a policy of BOI SWASTHYA BIMA of 5 lakhs covering myself and my wife – for the past 10 years. As the costs for hospitalisation are galloping, I wish to enhance the cover. Hence I have just taken Oriental Bank Mediclaim policy also of 5 lakhs.
    Will this be practically be useful at the times of need.
    As of now we are in quite good health running our early sixties (64 & 63). Can you kindly advise if our action would really give us a cover of 10 lakhs or we will be left high and dry – when it is actually time to take assistance under these policies.
    jerome… 12Oct2017…

    • Hi. Yes, by adding Oriental mediclaim your total cover has increased to Rs 10 lakh.However, you cannot claim both the policies simultaneously, and also since both the policies are from different Insurer then for a bigger claim, there may be some instances where you might not be provided with cashless settlement.

      • Thank you very much Sir, for your kind response.
        As a matter of further clarification – would it be better if I were to go for Baroda Health of Bank of Baroda which is again a tie-up with National Insurance Company. Whereupon both instances I would be covered by National Insurance Company.
        Will be grateful if you could enlighten me in this case please.

        • You may do that. But buying 2 group policies might complicate the things. The Insurer may be the same but these are group policies. I don’t know but I think this may complicate.

  4. I checked with National Insirance, and they informed that both the BOI Swasthya Bima policy and the policy in tie up with Bank of Baroda are similar, and have sub limits for room rent etc. at 1% of Sum Insured. But you have mentioned that there is no room rent sub limit for this Boi National Insurance policy. Please clarify. If there is a limit of 1% for room rent, the PNB Oriental policy is better.

  5. Sir, I have 5Lak policy of me & my wife Age 65 &63 policy is national insurance Through Bank of india me can’t unterstand How to claim SETTLE system because company have a TP COMPANY CAN’T GIVE ANY INFORMATION FOR CASHLESS HOSPITAL LIST SO PL GUIDE ME ANAND SAFI AMBAVADI AHMEDABAD

  6. I have PNB Oriental royal Mediclaim policy of 5 lakh but it I took union heath care policy offered by Union bank with new India assurance than if my Medical expense crossed 5 lakh than can I take balance from new India assurance?

  7. I have Boi National Swasthya Bima Policy for Rs. 5 lakhs which expires on 2nd Dec. 2017. I wish to renew it.
    Sir, I wish to know whether there is any TOP UP POLICY over and above the normal policy of Rs. 5 lakhs which can be done at the time of renewal of policy. If yes, will you please let me know the premium for such TOP UP POLICY.

  8. I have a mediclaim policy of New India Assuarnce form Last 14 year. I want to Port my policy in to BOI

    Can i port my policy?


  9. Hi ,
    My mom n dad allready have a national insurance policy ,bt it’s taken through a agent 15 years back
    1.5 lakh each n total premium is 11890/- which is quiet high
    N here through bank of India premium for 5lakh is only 7000/-
    I want 2 increase d some assured to 5lakh but through bank of India with 7000/- premium can I do thz or will I HV 2 take a new policy via bank of India .bcz if we take new policy there are certain treatments glfor which u vl HV 2 wait for 12-24 months
    Plz guide
    Thank u

    • Bank of India Policy will be separate from what your mom dad have through an agent. You may consider buying BOI policy to increase the total sum assured but since this being a new policy then yes the waiting period conditions will apply here.
      You cannot even port your existing policies into this, as individual policies can’t be moved to group policies.

  10. Hello sir,
    My mom has BOI national insurance swasthya bima policy. How can I find the list of hospital in the network for cashless facility?

  11. Hello Sir, My mom had breast cancer in the past. Right now she is completely fine as both the surgery and chemo was successful. will they issue a policy for her?

  12. there is much simplification required in Mediclaim policies according to the customers need. IRDA should think of it. Nationalize Banks are not giving policy above 5 Lacs and if customer buy it from another Insurer, claim can be raised thru one Insurer.

    • If claim amount is higher than the sum assured in a single policy, you can claim the balance amount from another insurer if you have 2 or more policies.

  13. I am account holder of BOI. mY age is 56 and spouse age 65 completed . I want your mediclaim policy for both so what to do ? How much is premium for same ?

  14. Respected sir,mujhe meri and meri mother ka mediclaim policy lena hai,mujhe uske liye kya karna pdega ? insttlament 2 lac cover par kya aayegi ? age meri 27 and mother ki 54 hai,plz mujhe procesure btaye.

  15. Is BOI National swatch bima policy provide cashless treatment ?
    or can i take this policy for my family include my wife, son father & mothre ..

    Please suggest

  16. Hi Manikaran sir,
    i have some queries regarding boi national swasthya bima policy–
    As i am a corporate employee so i have a corporate policy and my wife is having the same policy from his bank as she is working in Bank of india. and also i am having a royal sundaram health policy too but now i am thinking to stop this royalsundaram policy and take a bano of india national swasthya policy because these corporates policy wirks till i’ll be working in these companies but what after 60 years so i would like to take a policy – plz suggest is it good to take boi national swasthya bima policy or continue with Royal sundaram.
    and also having a doubt regarding boi national swasthya bima policyHospital Room Eligibility (Any sublimits)

    • I am biased towards Private insurers. They are well managed and serve you well. I think you should continue with Royal sundaram

  17. Hi Manikaran Sir,

    We both r working and my wife is working in Bank of India, So we are having corporate policies. insted of i took a Royal sundaram health Supreme policy just because in case if i left my job then we’ll not have any health policy but my wife are having the policy provided her bank till her retirement but after that no health policy will be there to cover our health but at that time actually we require this so i took from out side royal sundaram and premium is around 10,000/- which will increase according to age.
    So my question is that should i go with BOI National Swasthya Bima Policy because premium of this policy is less as we have already having corpporate policies so we don’t required but for security purpose i took from royal sundaram. now i am thinking is to stop royal sundaram and take a BOI National Swasthya Bima Policy.
    Could you please suggest?
    and please let me know the room eligibility is there any sublimit in hospital room charges (BOI National Swasthya Bima Policy).

  18. i am 59 years and my wife 55 .we want to go for BOI swastha bima . I want to go for a sum of 200000 insurance . what are the pre-existing disease covered in this. and after how long the claim can be availed.also is it cashless or not .please let me know and what are the hospitals covered in kolkata. do they entertain hopitals like FORTIS ,APPOLO ETC.

      • Dear Sir,

        Requested you to Treat As Urgent :

        My parents having this Boi National Swasthya Bima policy since last 5 years of Rs. 50,000.00
        My mother faced accident 10days back and she had a head injury and taken 8 stitches after CT scan so, she could not been hospitalized at that time.
        But after that she has terrible pain in back so when we consult Spine surgeon , he advised to start some Forteo injection at home ( total 3 course of it ) 1 injection per month.
        Now that injection cost is 15000 direct company supply to patient .

        So, I would like to ask that is it cover under my policy coverage ?? if yes then how ??
        What shall i do for the same.
        Please reply ASAP.

  19. I am having BOI medical policy for Rs. 5 lacs in my name and covering my wife. for increase the policy amount, if I take another BOI Medical Policy in my wife name covering myself, will it ok for claiming in case of expenditure for more than 5 lacs for particular one hospitalization since both are covered in both policy. Please reply.

  20. I want to BOI madiclaim policy. My age is 50 year my wife is 45 year 1 child 17 Year
    I want to family floter policy sa 200000 lakh howmuch premium

      • Sir,
        Can BOI National Policy be port into any other mediclaim policy with reasonably similar premium amount ? Bank of India has not offered any such porting option after discontinuation of policy like offered by Canara Bank to their existing customer.

  21. Sir, can you clarify if any of public sector banks are still continuing with health insurance plans with low premiums from united/national insurance. My search indicates most the banks have stooped such plans. I see bank of Maharashtra still shows a plan but feeling uncertian if they will call off the product.

    • This is the drawback of group insurances. Though i think andhra bank, canara bank is still continuing with the policies but not certain on how long will they continue with the same

  22. Sir, I have a boi national swastha bime police for more than ten years of rs.five lacs from raniganj branch, bardhaman. My policy expires of 06/03/2019 for renewal. Now i am a retired person and lived at kolkata. I wish to renew my policy from any branch of kolkata,Plese sugest me. Thank you

  23. I have boi National policy continue last 15 year but last 3 month bank and policy company said this product close
    But last month boi anf National insurance lunch new policy
    I am all reddy insurance covered directly National insurance co and pay large payment
    I am transfer to this policy company to bank

    • No you can’t port out to any other insurance company, from BOI national Swasthya Bima. You first have to move to direct Insurer Individual policy then 2nd year you may try porting out

  24. Is The medical reimbursement allowed for the entire policy period on the disclosed NICL Product ‘BOI-National Swasthya Bima Policy’ ?
    Portability with disclosed NICL Product ‘BOI-National Swasthya Bima Policy’ — Family floater is allowed with continuity benefits with NICL only or with other Insurer also ?
    Is in this process barring continuity benefits any sort of Medical exam. required or not ?

    • – Don’t understand the first point
      – Portability from BOI Natioanl is available only to NICL for the first year, second year you may port from NICL to some other insurer.
      – If you move to national, you will not be asked for a medical exam, and you keep getting continuity benefits.

  25. sir I want to renew my boi bank from national insurance with policy no: 603901501810002280 S.Jayanthi renew date is from 08/09/2019
    pls contact PH AND MAIL OF the insurance name to continue my policy with my old reference OF BOI S/B A/C RAJAJINAGAR BRANCH

    • We are connected with niether BOI nor National insurance, please visit the BOI Branch or National Insurance policy Branch to renew your policy.

  26. Boi national swasthyabima is cancel by bank. I continue my policy what site be open for premium 5 lakhs/3 lakhs/age-66-65-29

  27. mediclaim policy of bank of india retired employee naional insurance co discontinued now what should we do for renewal

    wants to renew my medical insurance policy expired

    • Company must have provided you with some individual policy. You can get the accrued benefits if you continue with the individual policy of national insurance.

  28. Health insurance of bank of India account holder. In october her health policy expired. I want the policy tied up with bank of India.

  29. Am a family pensioner aged 68 years. The pension is drawn from Bank of India. I am interested to buy health insurance through Bank of India.

  30. मेरी हैल्थ बीमा स्टार कम्पनी से है मैं उसको बैंक ऑफ इंडिया में पोर्ट करवाना चाहता हूं । Plz हेल्प मोबाइल नंबर 9015086992

  31. I am a Bank of India Retiree. I want to enroll myself to group insurance. i am aged 67 years 2 months. I want this insurance policy through Bank of India


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