Let’s Make Life More Meaningful in 2020

giving in 2020
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No, it’s not about new year resolutions, which are meant to be broken, with all the Justified excuses.

It’s about real action. The ‘action’ that brings some change in some one’s life. It could be you, your family, your friends, maybe some unknown. There is so much life around you.

It’s all about creating an impact with a sense of purpose.

Just observe what do you do to earn a living, to make your kids happy, to keep yourself healthy, to take care of your parents. You share your limited resources with them.

You only share what you have and You share when you care.

You invest your time to earn skills, you exchange your skills and time for money, you spend and invest that money to bring wellness in your life, you Invest that money so in future you may have more of time.

You invest your money and time on your health by Exercising in Gym, swimming, Playing, whichever way you feel that keeps you fit, this again is to feel healthy and active so you can spend more time with your family and be able to work efficiently, so to gain more skills and money.

Everything starts first with Giving. Giving what you have, and then taking what you want.

This is how nature works. You have to sow seed first then only after a few years you may start getting the fruits. You can not say give me the fruits first, then only I will sow the seed. It does not work that way.

giving in 2020

Your Life is more about giving than taking. As it demands more of efforts from your side. Those who focus only on taking, loses the essence of living, the Meaning of Life.

You are among those fortunate ones, whom God has chosen to bring goodness in the world. You can walk, speak, learn, eat, help, support and all other things that you can do, not all can do the same. It is giving that makes you feel more important, powerful and likable. You are already giving a lot it’s just the time to realize and channelize those givings. (Read: ROI or ROTI, what would you prefer?)

You have been given the power to earn, so use the money for the betterment of self and for others too. As Peter Parker said in the Movie Spiderman

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

You are Responsible for self. For self because, as they say, Charity begins at home. It is only when your stomach is full you will be able to feed the others. Only a fit and healthy person can take care of others. So, give yourself some time, to Meditate, Breathe, Be happy.

You are not being selfish here, but just preparing yourself to be good. Plus, you are not being a burden on society and the resources/facilities which can be used for others. There are many simple ways with which you may do good to others and to society. It’s not always about giving Money only.

When driving in peace while listening to the Music, Don’t Honk and take away others Peace. Several studies show that traffic noise leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, heart failure, diabetes, depression, memory impairment, disrupted sleep and hyperactivity in children.

You do not need to donate to big institutions, you can create an impact in your domestic help’s life by supporting their kids in education, and helping them get good medical care. Look around – be it your gardener, society guard, Chowkidar, Car washer…there are so many less fortunate around you, whom you can support and create an impact in their life. And being a part of their wellness. (Read: Focus is No Longer enough…you need Mindfulness)

When you make a new addition in your Almirah, do one subtraction too. One shirt in, One shirt Out. One Top in, One Top Out. If you don’t know whom to give then try Goonj. If your mind starts justifying why to give, then try to answer yourself why did you buy the new one.   

Giving in 2020- Goonj Foundation

Sometimes spending would be another form of giving as when you spend and buy things you are kind of supporting the salesmen’s salaries, not letting the resources/produce go waste. You are the reason for many people’s earning. But as they say, excess of everything is bad, and thus with an excess of spending, you may ruin your financial life which in turn affects your wellness. And as I said in the start if you yourself are not doing well, how would you do good for the society.

Not wasting Food, Water, Energy, is another kind of giving.

True giving is all about intention and not an expectation. If your intention is good while doing and sharing the thing then that is called caring for others and will come back to you in some good form.

But when you attach some expectation to it or seek immediate benefit, as in, you want the other person should feel obliged to you always or if you start questioning what would be your benefit in that giving or judging the receiver, then again you are moving away from the Purpose of your existence and Meaning of your life. You do your job. And let the Universe take care of you.

If you really want the world to be compassionate to you, listen to your voices and opinions, love you the way you are, then first give them what you want to have.

On this note…let me wish you a

Very Happy and Meaningful New Year 2020.

I wish you to create a Good impact in your surroundings, in someone’s life, and spread goodness around.

Good Moneying!!

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