Donate for Covid Relief | Be Good Financial Planning


I have been thinking for quite a while, how can I support my country in this Fight Against Covid ? Yeah, these are Tough times and we all should contribute in some way or other. 

I hear stories of people helping around in their own ways. Whatever is possible for anyone they are doing their bit. Some are very encouraging stories.

But as they say, Everyone is not Good at Every thing. Do what you are Good At.

I have no NGO to RUN, I am NO Doctor or Healthcare worker, I have no factory to Produce Oxygen…so I know my limitations or may be my choices.

What I am good at is in Doing Financial Planning for People .

I Serve people through Financial Planning. I am in the Job of helping people earn Financial wellness for them and their Family. So, I have decided to use this Blessing, Indirectly, as my contribution in these Troubled times.

First thing, I will do is try to keep myself and family safe and follow all the precautions of Social Distancing, Wearing Masks and Sanitizing Hands. I believe, if you are healthy and keep your environment safe for all, you are not being a Burden on the society and your Country.

Second thing, I will Provide Financial Planning Service for FREE to you. I named this service as “Be Good Financial Planning “ it leads to the thought of " Be Good...Get Good."

Details of this Offering

  • I will Do One on One Financial Planning Consultation FREE of Cost and answer your questions and Challenges. These are tough times for many, so i offer my services FREE of Cost if you are affected in this COVID Crises. No Questions asked. I believe your words
  • If your are in the Blessed Lot, then I would request you to Donate Just 1% of your Annual Income towards Covid Relief, and I will do Detailed financial planning calculations for you for FREE.You may choose to Donate more in case you like. Remember, this donation is not for you or me…it’s for Humanity. I call this "Be Good Financial Plan". You will get more details in the next section 
  • You May Donate Less if you want, in that case we would be Glad to do One on One session with you on your Financial Planning, and answer your questions and Recommend some actions. What matters is your Intention...We are With you.
  • You need not pay any money to us, but just show us the Donation receipt which would be as good as fee paid to us.
  • Donation can be made to any NGO, Hospital or any other organization of your choice, which are working towards Covid Relief. If you do not know or trust any, we may suggest you some of the foundations where we donate.
  • You will get the Tax benefit u/s 80G when you donate to a Registered NGO. This would be additional benefit you enjoy in your Fight against Covid.
  • The engagement would end, immediately after the discussion, Post presentation of the financial Plan.
  • The whole exercise may take around 3-4 weeks of time, in Be Good Financial plan case
  • If you donate more than Rs 50000, we can onboard you for a Formal Engagement (If you want), and handhold you in Implementation too. (This engagement will be for 1 year).  
  •  This Offer is valid only for and on all Donations made in the Month of May 2021 only.
  • Service delivery – Remotely. Through email, web call.
  • Remember, there's nothing in this for us. We are also doing it for the Greater Good and will serve you Free.

What Be Good Financial Plan will cover?

This would be an informal engagement, and the whole plan would be presented to you in an excel format. I just need acceptance from you over email. (However, if you like to engage with us Formally and take our full service benefits, please let us know in advance as the process for that would be different)

  1. 1
    Cash flow and Net worth Analysis
  2. 2
    Financial Health Check
  3. 3
    Risk Profiling and Asset Allocation
  4. 4
    Goal based Investment Planning
  5. 5
    Insurance Planning - Life, Health, Disability**
  6. 6
    Debt Management Advice
  7. 7
    Basic Tax Planning & Estate Planning advice*
  • *No Will Writing or Tax Filing Service be Provided. ** Covers Basic Review of your existing Insurance Policies

  • Process & Next Steps

    Tell us you are Interested in this Service offering

    Agreement to the Terms:

    We will send you the Terms as mentioned above. You need to send acceptance over email. Please note this is not a commercial arrangement, but still we need to ensure that we are on the same page, to avoid any confusion in future. 

    Donate for Covid Relief:

    Send us the Donation Receipt. This is the Important step which is why this service is launched. Please make sure the donation amount is at least 1% of your Annual Income. Consider it as a Value put on to your Financial wellness and Your Countrymen Health. You may be donating many places for different causes, but this time the Immediate need is for #CovidRelief

    Data Collection and Risk Profiling:

    Fill up the data collection sheet and answer the Risk profiler, which we would email to you

    Analysis of Data:

    Next, we will ask our questions on your data and share with you the analysis on your risk tolerance.

    Financial Plan Preparation:

    Once we receive your replies on the questions and your acceptance to the risk analysis, we will work out the financial Planning numbers for you and share the recommendations.

    Financial Plan Discussion:

    We will schedule a call to explain you the Plan and answer your questions.


    The Engagement for Be Good Financial Planning Service will be Over, after the above discussion.