BE GOOD ( Advice Only) – Hourly service

Be good financial planning service is for DIY (Do it yourself) investors, who already follow a financial plan (Self Designed or by some other financial planner) and are looking for advice on specific aspects.

This is an Hourly service, where you come up with your queries, planner at the backend do the maths behind (if required) and then meet virtually /personally, depending on location and clears the doubts and answers the queries.

Fee structure

It is fee only hourly service. Here we charge on per hour basis.

Charges for first 1 hour start from Rs 2500, and for next hours Rs 1000 each.

Who should opt –

Those who already have a financial plan in place or who are not seeking detailed planning service and looking for answer to specific queries related to investments, insurance, taxes, goals etc. Fee only financial planner comes in handy if you feel that you are able to handle most of your Investment management on your own, and are only looking for little guidance and advice.



  1. You show interest in opting for Be Good services through Contact us form, and let us know your specific question.
  2. Depending upon the query you ask, we’ll let you know the service charges, which starts from Rs 2500 for first hour.
  3. You reply the mail with your acceptance of charges and other conditions.
  4. We’ll send you the requisite data gathering questionnaire (If required) and Risk profiler. We’ll also mail you the Invoice for the first Hour, balance if any after the call can be transferred by you, later.
  5. After you send the data, risk profiler and fee, we’ll fix up mutually acceptable time to have discussion.
  6. We can have discussion virtually on Skype or by meeting personally in my office. So this depends on your location. My Skype id is manikaran.singal

What you get: 

Summary of discussion and recommendations (If any) over email

Some common questions asked:

  •       What should be the perfect asset allocation in my profile?
  •       Should I prepay loan or continue with it?
  •       Second opinion on Investment or Insurance Portfolio
  •       Suitable Insurance policy for parents

…and many such queries which don’t require detailed analysis

Add Ons:

Once you are registered with us under “Be good” Services, and shared your cash flow and risk profiler with us, then for next 1 year you can anytime approach us again for any query , with charges starting from “Second hour charges”.

*Under SEBI Regulatory Requirements, All sebi registered fee only financial planner in India have to maintain KYC documents (Photo, ID proof and Residence proof) and Risk profile of the client.

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