1. Banks are right in doing this, as per RBI rules. Please check if you have missed any communication from the bank’s side through e-mail, sms, etc. We cannot challenge Bank’s action.
    Also, this would be a regular exercise by the bank after a few months. So it would be better to update your KYC details in the bank’s records.

  2. Have been trying to update my kyc2 and it keeps saying try again in 2 minute for the past 2 days now and am unable to transfer money from my Acct to another acct what will I do pls….I need help

  3. Sir I give my documents in my Punjab National Bank last two weeks ago but kyc is not updated how many days kyc Is updated time

  4. Bank closed my Daughter A/C in Jan 2020 for the reason KYC. When we were doing the taxes in March 2021 looking for the form 1099 for interest we come to know Citi Bank has closed the A / C in Jan 2020. After serval requests & phones call for last 3 months we haven’t got our money yet I do not understand why they are bothering the NRI Indian they themselves are Indian Citi bank has inexperience staff nobody wants to work & help the customer every time you call everybody has the different stories this like a TV serial like which will newer end we are really in need of money, I Hope my request goes to higher authority who can look into it & help us with the funds


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