Religare care Health Insurance – Review and comparison

Updated on 15.03.2017

No Longer a new kid on the block. Religare health insurance which came up as a 4th stand-alone health insurance company in India after Star, Apollo Munich and Max Bupa, has no doubt given a tough competition to its rivals. Its first product Religare care mediclaim policy has led others in the league to change their product features to answer the competition.

This post is all about the features of Religare care health insurance policy and its comparison with the other similar products available among stand-alone health insurers.

Religare Care health insurance – basic features

Over a period of time Religare care features have become much more comparable to its other peers. Now a days health insurance policies majorly compete on the services rather than the product features. Let me point out some of the Important features in Religare care Health Insurance.

1.      Lifelong Renewability.

After Apollo Munich and Max Bupa, Religare health Insurance also has come up with Lifetime Renewability, through Religare Health insurance –care. 

2.      Wide range of sum assured – up to Rs 6 crores.

Religare care has different versions in its plans which offer different sum assured. It has feature of providing higher cover to get treatment outside India also. Maximum cover you can get in Religare care is Rs 6 crores. 

3.      Annual Health check-up for insured members – regardless of claim history

All Major policy members can get the annual health check up (Pre-defined medical tests) done at authorized medical centers Free of cost.

4.      Automatic Policy recharge if the claim amount exhausts the current coverage.

Religare health insurance Care, when launched broke the monopoly of “Apollo Munich optima restore” with this feature. But practically Recharge and Restore have different workings and recharge is much better. 

5.       Co-payment

If someone is above 61 years of age, and buying Religare care for the first time then S/he has to bear with this copayment feature and pay 20% of the claim amount from own pocket. However if looked upon or compared with other insurers, which don’t offer covers to this age group 20% copay is not a bad feature.

If you are looking for health insurance for parents, then Religare care can be a good choice. Else you may also look at some health insurance policies as offered by nationalized banks like PNB oriental Royal mediclaim or canara apollo munich plan.

Religare Care – Comparison with Apollo Munich and Max Bupa

Religare care comparison

Should you Buy Religare Care Health Insurance?

As i said above that now days you will find much similarities in product features, its all about customer servicing now. And customer servicing is something which can not be judged sitting on the sidelines. you need to dive in and have to have practical experience with the services to make an opinion about the same.

Due to Portability provisions available, every other company knows that if they do not provide better services customer can move to other insurance company easily. So service quality has improved a lot in last few years.

Health insurance policies should have lesser conditions attached to keep it simple for the insured. Religare care looks like a simple policy. Those who wants to buy a fresh policy can have a look at this. This has a mix of many popular features like the recharge of sum assured, Free Annual health check up etc. which makes religare care worth considering while searching for good health insurance policies. For the lower sum assured like below 4 lakh Room rent limits may be a deterrent, but for higher sum assured this product looks suitable.

Do share your opinions or experience with Religare care in the comments section below.


    • Thanks anil ji. Sure. Premium calculation is must to check the affordability aspect. Premum calculator is very much available on Religare health insurance website.

    • Rajni, actually at the time of writing article i was not aware about star’s new launch.
      Readers, Star has also come up with a comparable and decent health insurance option with the name “Comprehensive”.

      • but in Star Comprehensive” plan star will load your renewal premium because you claimed or fell ill after taking policy.
        and Star only providing 101 Day-care treatments in Comprehensive” plan. but in religare or other campny providing all day care .

      • Star Health Insurance Company just here to make money out of innocent people by showing their attractive rate cards. Star Health is never concerned us and the loss we had to bear by opting for such a pathetic company. The sales reps just try to grasp you in buying the policy and later when the policy holder is admitted they try to turn their backs.. ! They just try to find stupid and baseless reasons to deny your claim and even don’t reimburse your expenses..!
        The worst part is the people handling your claim are senseless bloody MBA guys and not educated people who would understand better..!
        Please never opt for Star Health, I myself am a victim here…!

        • Star health and Indian Health Organization are two companies with worst reputation, be away from these crooks as much possible.

          • Raghu, you seem to have a bad experience with these 2 companies. Do you want to share it for the benefit of other readers?

      • between star comprehensive and religare care health insurance policy, which one is a good policy (in terms of service and benefits, premium not a constraint).

        • For now i would say you should wait to go with Religare as the ownership and management is going to be changed since Religare Health has been sold out. So it may or many not lead to service issues…only time will tell.

  1. Bought a policy online from religare health insurance website for myself and my two kids. The site does seem easy to use and they gave an instant policy….

    • Thanx hina for ur comment i am also planing to take policy for my family so r u satisfied with religare health insurance?

    • Is religare good enough to be trusted…I’m willing to buy a floater for 5 lk but very confused with apollo optima ..max Bupa ….my primary concern is to get good support and claim at time of incident……who can be trusted more out of these3

      • No one and every one. See, you cannot be sure of service standards sitting outside. There are both good and bad experience in the markets which you can hear from different client reviews and stories. Religare has a decent track record now and got a good exposure in the market. I feel that a company should be old enough so it has seen decent number of claims to make opinion on. When it was launched in 2012, i was a bit worried to recommend it to some one, but not now.

        To me all 3 you have mentioned are same

  2. Can I go for a mediclaim for my father whose age is 68?
    Is pre-existing diseases covered?and what is the waiting period?

    • Pretty simply htealh care is more than extremely expensive. Just routine testing which should be done on a yearly basis is very necessary in preventative care and at the same time very expense without htealh care insurance coverage. I work in a Laboratory and do the billing. It’s incredible! Even if you have a htealh care plan that requires such things as deductibles and co pays and employee contribution, it still is worth every penny when you are ill and need medical treatment. Of course there are a ton of variety of plans out there that cater to different needs. Therefore it is always wise to do your research if your employer gives you options in htealh care plans to choose from.

  3. Respected 2 all,

    I have a 3 options..
    1.max bupa heart beat plan
    2.apollo munich easy health care
    3.Religare health ‘CARE’ plan
    My age is 21.
    Suggest me.. Iwant to get health insurance…if i compare the premium of these plan,religare has 2300 rs. Premium..

    • never buy insurance from any private company specially from Appollo Munich claim settlement ratio is 65.59% very low), these companies always hide required information from customer, Appollo Munich have increased the premium recently upto 40% by taking permission from IRDA, and according financial planners for a sum assured of Rs 3 lakhs at age of 60yrs the premium will be as below
      according to company after every 3 yrs (may be every years according to policy terms) apollo munich will increase premium to 40 % and let us make calculations for sum assured of 3 lakhs at age of 33 yrs premium is 10000/- approx, if ur aspect-ed age is 80 years
      total number of yrs for premium 80-33= 47 years
      total number of times premium increases 47/3= 16 times
      premium increases 1st time 40%> [email protected]%= 4000/- total premium of next 3 yrs= 4000+10000=14000/-
      and 2nd time increase in premium 14000*40% =5600/- total premium of next 3 yrs= 5600+14000=19600/-
      and soon… upto 16 or 17 times in ur life
      in addition to this regular premium increase according to age group 36 to 45=5000/-
      46 to 50=7000/-
      50 to 55=23000-/-
      56 to 60=32000/-
      61 t0 65=70000/-
      Now gross premium paid by you at age of 36=4000+10000+5000=19000/-
      after 3 year with 40% increase in premium to 39 5600+14000+7000=26600/-
      and so on……….
      at age of 60 years ur gross premium may be= 2.7 lakh for a sum assured of Rs 3lakh and at age of 75yrs premium may be 6 lakhs for sum insured of rs 3 lakhs
      this is how apollo munich optima restore plan lot the Indian people by a other country company
      and also optima restore option will not act effectively at that age and no other company will give u an option to by any other plan.. its premium increases exponentially after age of 45 years

  4. If u want to buy 2 lac S.I. then you should go for apollo easy health (2843) bcz there are no limit in room rent & ICU as well as other benifit like religare 1% for room & 2% for ICU bt u can Think about Religare 5 lac bcz your prm will be 3313-/ only and u will get 1 free anual health chekup also.

    [email protected]

  5. trying to find answer of 1 query –
    In religare’s ‘CARE’ plan, it has a feature of automatic recharge which is equal to the original SI which customer has opted in the beginning. suppose if i go for this plan along with spouse for 5 lac SI, and whole amount exhausts in the treatment of one of us, does additional recharge will automatically come into the picture and cover all expenses beyond 5 lac Rs.
    the recharge is applicable to rest of the family members only and an individual is limited to 5 lacs only i.e. SI.
    if 5 lacs is consumed completely in the illness of one family member, do others are eligible for remaining 5 lacs, or its just one additional treatment above 5 lac Rs for any amount (and not multiple treatments)

    Do let me know if my query is difficult to understand

  6. Dear Ashish,
    With regards to your query please find the respone below

    Benefit of Recharge of Sum Insured is available only once in a Policy Year and cannot be claimed for the same ailment by the same insured. Further it is clarified through an illustration as under:

    a. Mr. A, his wife and his son are covered under a 5 Lac floater policy in CARE.
    b. In case where Mr. A is hospitalized for heart ailment and entire 5 Lac is exhausted, then additional 5 Lac would be available to all the members (Mr. A, his wife and his son) under recharge.
    c. The 5 Lac of recharge cannot be used by Mr. A for any hospitalization related to any heart disease or similar condition. However, Mrs. A and son can claim even for any heart related ailment.
    d. The 5 Lac of recharge is available and the members can claim as many times as required up to 5 Lac.

    For further details, we request you to read Benefit 6 of Policy Terms and Conditions.

    Incase of any further query please feel free to get in touch


  7. I have been trying to get a policy for my parents aged 54 years.. However, I am too confused with so many policies.

    I have shortlisted two companies:

    Apollo Munich

    Both policies are having almost the same benefits with Religare being a bit better. However, I need to know the claim settlement reviews.. They may offer awesome benefits but at the end if I do not get a claim then it is all useless.

    Please help me in this regard.


    • Mayank, as far as claim settlement is concerned , being a new company Religare does not have that much experience…so can’t be commented on. Apollo Munich has a good claim settlement ratio, so it would be better for you to go with apollo. If you feel religare features to be good then you may try to switch your insurer next year by opting for portability. Till then we can easily figure out the claim experience of religare too.

      • Thanks for the reply.. Would you like to comment on Max Bupa’s Health Companion Plan? They launched this plan to compete against apollo munich… premium comes out to be around 19k for 2 adults aged 54.. no day care exclusions.. Am I missing anything or Max Bupa’s is better?

        • Max bupa’s product is also good. But i don’t like 2 features in their product
          1. rather than increasing sum asssured as a no claim bonus they offer some shopping vouchers of different brands. I personally feel that the way medical costs are increasing one cover should also gets increased, and No claim bonus is one way of supplimenting the cover.

          2. Second point is that in max bupa policy there’s a clause of Co payment(20%) after 65 years of age. Though this does make the premium cheap as compared to other one’s but this the buyer has to decide. whether to pay high premium or go with co payment clause.

          • About the co pay, as far as I know, there is a co pay if the entry age is 65+. If I take the policy now and keep on renewing it then I guess there would be no copay.

            Could you give your suggestion as to which out of Max Bupa and Apollo Munich is better in terms of hassle free claims, exclusions etc. (assuming similar premiums for both and ignoring the no claim bonus).

          • No Mayank its not like that. The feature that you are referring to is in Religare and not in Max Bupa. In Max even if you buy the policy today and keep on renewing it till 65 years, still you would have bear with Co pay after 65.
            As i said earlier…i have experienced claim procedures of both – apollo and Max and could not find any difference. To me both sounds OK.

          • Thanks a lot! I missed the co pay fine print!!
            Max bupa out of the equation now.. 🙂
            Ah.. the painful research has to start again to compare some policy with Apollo Munich and to find out if it is really worth it..

          • replying to my own query for the benefit of others.. ICICI pru health is just a way to fool people.. rather invest your money in mutual funds separately..

            These people take your money and invest in their own MF, which you cannot use for 3 years..
            also the use is limited for the use in health claims only..
            moreover they are charging very high fund management fees..

            In short, they are trying to increase the fund AUM by policies like these.. risk of which is borne by the buyer himself..


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