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religare care

Updated on 15.03.2017

No Longer a new kid on the block. Religare health insurance which came up as a 4th stand-alone health insurance company in India after Star, Apollo Munich and Max Bupa, has no doubt given a tough competition to its rivals. Its first product Religare care mediclaim policy has led others in the league to change their product features to answer the competition.

This post is all about the features of Religare care health insurance policy and its comparison with the other similar products available among stand-alone health insurers.

Religare Care health insurance – basic features

Over a period of time Religare care features have become much more comparable to its other peers. Now a days health insurance policies majorly compete on the services rather than the product features. Let me point out some of the Important features in Religare care Health Insurance.

1.      Lifelong Renewability.

After Apollo Munich and Max Bupa, Religare health Insurance also has come up with Lifetime Renewability, through Religare Health insurance –care. 

2.      Wide range of sum assured – up to Rs 6 crores.

Religare care has different versions in its plans which offer different sum assured. It has feature of providing higher cover to get treatment outside India also. Maximum cover you can get in Religare care is Rs 6 crores. 

3.      Annual Health check-up for insured members – regardless of claim history

All Major policy members can get the annual health check up (Pre-defined medical tests) done at authorized medical centers Free of cost.

4.      Automatic Policy recharge if the claim amount exhausts the current coverage.

Religare health insurance Care, when launched broke the monopoly of “Apollo Munich optima restore” with this feature. But practically Recharge and Restore have different workings and recharge is much better. 

5.       Co-payment

If someone is above 61 years of age, and buying Religare care for the first time then S/he has to bear with this copayment feature and pay 20% of the claim amount from own pocket. However if looked upon or compared with other insurers, which don’t offer covers to this age group 20% copay is not a bad feature.

If you are looking for health insurance for parents, then Religare care can be a good choice. Else you may also look at some health insurance policies as offered by nationalized banks like PNB oriental Royal mediclaim or canara apollo munich plan.

Religare Care – Comparison with Apollo Munich and Max Bupa

Religare care comparison

Should you Buy Religare Care Health Insurance?

As i said above that now days you will find much similarities in product features, its all about customer servicing now. And customer servicing is something which can not be judged sitting on the sidelines. you need to dive in and have to have practical experience with the services to make an opinion about the same.

Due to Portability provisions available, every other company knows that if they do not provide better services customer can move to other insurance company easily. So service quality has improved a lot in last few years.

Health insurance policies should have lesser conditions attached to keep it simple for the insured. Religare care looks like a simple policy. Those who wants to buy a fresh policy can have a look at this. This has a mix of many popular features like the recharge of sum assured, Free Annual health check up etc. which makes religare care worth considering while searching for good health insurance policies. For the lower sum assured like below 4 lakh Room rent limits may be a deterrent, but for higher sum assured this product looks suitable.

Do share your opinions or experience with Religare care in the comments section below.


  1. Dear Sir,
    My company is providing 3L coverage to my family ( me, spouse and 2 children). I am planning to take 5L health insurance policy. I have gone through current policies and not able to take decision. I have gone through Appollo Munich, Religare, Star, Max Bupa. Please suggest and guide me which one is better for my case. My age is 37 and both kids are 8 years old.
    Waiting for your comments

    • Ganesh, this is because you don’t find any difference in the features of these products. So now the best way to select among these is write down the slips and tell your children to pick any one.
      To me all these policies are good.

      • Thanks for your quick reply. I hope ICICI Lombard also have same features compare to earlier list. I will take any one of these products. Let me know if ICICI Lombard is not that much good compared to above mentioned products.
        One doubt here is, compare to all other product Religare is offering less premium. If all products have similar features then Religare is better option in premium perspective.

  2. Hi,
    I am little confused on Religare care and Assure.
    Currently I am holding care so do i need to take assure as well for critical illness. If heart related surgeries are not included in religare care then what the use of it. Need some light on it. why two are different product on website. Customer care guys says it includes heart surgeries and all.

  3. hi,
    Mr. Singal, I need some help to you I have policy for my mother MAX BUAP HEART BEAT 2LAC since last 5 year with pre-exist asthma declared my mother age today around 58,i looking for sum-assured 5lac for her.may in future my mother need some treatment(don’t have any sing. yet) as age grow.. what you suggest,I totally confused between religare care,max bupa hertbeat gold or heart beat companion or any other if you suggest.

    I already take super top up of 20 lac for my mother.

  4. Sir
    I would like to buy individual health insurance policy of 5L each for my minor children, in which I would be the proposer. My son is now 15 yrs and daughter 10 years old, also my age is 43 years.
    I am confused between Religare Care and ICICI Health Advantage Plus Plans in terms of any cap on doctor fees/hospital room/OT charges etc, cashless facility and claim settlement ratio. Pl suggest at the earliest and oblige

    • On ICICI Site, i could not find much details about health advantage, but as far as religare is concerned, for SA of Rs 5 L and above it doesn’t have any cap on doctors fee, OT Charges. Yes it has one limit on Type of room- which should be single and the most basic in its category. cashless facility is available with almost all the policies these days in network hospitals. There’s no ready data available on claim settlement ratio in health insurance policies, but referring to the claims made by company people, both religare and icici are good.
      You pl go through the policy wording of ICICI policy too, before making the final call.

  5. I am 42 yrs old and looking for health insurance for my family ( 2+ 3) under family floater plan. My employer is giving us insurance but still i would like to go for it. After all my researches with Star, apollo, max and religare, i have finalised two of them.

    Max bupa health companion and Religare care for 5L SI.

    Now i am little confused in finalising between these two. My first priority is settlement of claim if any and efficient customer service. I am based in Delhi

    Pls help me to resolve this and finalizing one between Max and Religare.
    I am looking to buy policy within this week hence your prompt reply will help me a lot.

    • As far as my experience goes, both religare and max has good customer service. You cannot bet on other people’s experience, as situation may differ. These days there’s very hard competition and due to porting out feature available, health insurance companies are giving very prompt service to retain the customer. So in my view you can go with any one of these.

      • Thanks for your response. Since you are handling such cases regularly and having in depth knowledge, Can you suggest me which one is better?
        Also which company is having higher claim ratio?

        One more point, Is TPA is better then direct claim? Pls advise

  6. I am health insurance policy holder with maxbupa for last 3 years, if i port my policy from maxbupa to some other

    insurer eg. religare health this year(2014) i will get continuity benefit of 3 years, and again if i port my policy to some

    other insurer eg. hdfc health next year(2015) will i get continuity benefit of 1 year of religare or 4 year(3 years of maxbupa & 1 year of religare).

  7. I am health insurance policy holder with maxbupa for last 3 years, if i port my policy from maxbupa to some other insurer eg. religare health this year(2014) i will get continuity benefit of 3 years, and again if i port my policy to some other insurer eg. hdfc health next year(2015) will i get continuity benefit of 1 year of religare or 4 year(3 years of maxbupa & 1 year of religare).

  8. Hi Manikaran,

    I’ve Apollo Munich Optima Restore from last 2 years; SA = 3L. Now for this year’s renewal they’ve given me an option to increase my SA to 5L. I would like to know if there’ll be any waiting period/other limitations for this increased SA, as I couldn’t find it anywhere mentioned.

    I’m thinking of going for this increased SA option, but it seems Apollo has higher premiums compared to other players for the same SA and almost similar features. Also, premium increases hugely especially after 45 yrs. According to you are there any good reasons to justify this huge gap in the premiums?


  9. Manikaran sir,
    Your suggestions are two good.
    I took a Religare Care policy on Jan 2nd 2016. But I want to cancel this policy and later on I want to take a Star health optima plan. I think star health optima is better than Religare Care. Am I right sir, is it a right decision. What’s your suggestions may I continue with Religare or join Star health.

    • If you think, then you must have read something about star optima. Point is you should be adequately insured, with the plan you are more comfortable with.

  10. Hello Manikaran,

    I wanted to know the claim settlement ratio of Religare to proceed further. As far as comparison is concerned i found Religare Care a suitable plan for my family for Rs 5 Lac policy with super top-up of 10 lacs from L&T Health insurance. What is your suggestion, please share?

    • Abhinav, claim settlement ratios of health insurance companies are not readily available. So you need to decide only on the product features, comfort with the brand and knowledge and service quality of agent.


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