How would I Know?

Neither i have any Formula to calculate the Life expectancy. The Answer Could be Two minutes, One Day, 7 days, 1 year, 10 years or...?? But if you believe, Prof. Andrew J Scott from London Business School, and the Author of 100 year Life , You Will Live 12 to 18 years More than your Grandparents. and Your Children will live 6 to 9 years More than you.

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Living More Can Be a Blessing or a Curse...Depending on

How Prepared you are 

When you have Good Health, Active Mind and Body, Financial Freedom, Happy Family Enjoy Living More.

When you are Dependent on your Dependents Physically, Mentally and Financially, then your Life becomes Burden on you. Harsh Truth!!

So, What are you Doing About it?

Health, Mind, Body, Relations, Job, Business, Income...All these requires Yours and Only Yours Attention 

  • Work Life balance, by bringing Productivity in your Style of working
  • Exercising, Meditation, Eating Well, Good Sleep, are Required to maintain the Quality of your Life 
  • Keeping yourself Relevant in Business and Job requires you to upgrade regularly
  • Spend time with Your Family

Do What the Successful People Do - DELEGATE

Only DO what you Can DO, Should DO or Have to DO, and delegate other tasks which gives you enough time to FOCUS on Important Areas of Life like Health, Family, Profession. Success in all areas Leads to a RICH LIFE. 

 RICH LIFe is the Outcome of 

Good Financial Planning

It Creates a Blueprint for you, considering the Current financial structure which includes your Assets (Investments), Liabilities (Loans), Income and expenditure, and Helps in Managing the Responsibilities and Desires (together can be termed as Goals)  and give direction and control to your Financial Life

The Ultimate Goal

You Should NOT RUN OUT of Money in Old Age, and Your Family Should have Enough Manageable Resources to depend on, in case of your absence. Living should be Tension Free ( More or Less)

Financial Planning helps in

Investment Management

Selecting and Retaining Good Investments based on Risk appetite and Goals, and refrains you from taking wrong decisions based on Greed and Fear.

Risk Management

This is the start so to give a concrete foundation to any financial Plan. Right amount of emergency fund, and with the required Sum assured in Life, Health and Disability policies.

Loan Management

In Low Interest rate Scenario and comfortable cash flows Loans can help in leverage opportunities, but In High rate, they can become a burden on cash flows too. So need to be managed well.

Income Distribution

Your Investments should result into comfortable Income stream when required. and also should not be locked in to pay for immediate Pressing Goals. Financial Planning will take care of this.

You Need Professional Help 

Because in the Journey called Life, You are Expected to Manage Many Other Goals and may also Face Lots of Challenges

Happy Customers

Vishal Chalana

Co Founder, Pictory

I rate him very high and strongly recommend him

"My first meeting changed my perspective. The idea of financial planning, as explained to me by Mani, made a lot of sense. It was simple – you invest based on your goals. Over the next few meetings, I could see the importance of giving time to my finances. Mani simplified things so that I could understand them better."

I was in mess and had no Idea on Financial Planning. But Manikaran has sorted everything and now I am Hopeful and confident for a Brighter future.

Anoop Bhardwaj

Business Head, Voltas

If you want a financial friend, philosopher and guide, who is not steered by market but by your interest, then Mani karan is your guy.

Dibyajyoti Bhuyan

Government Affairs, Exxon Mobil

Manikaran is a brilliant family physician/doctor albeit for my finances. He has got to know my personality in-depth and always suggests solutions tailor-made

Shreejit Nair

North Head, HCL

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