Apollo Munich Optima Super- a Super top up health insurance

apollo munich optima super

Apollo Munich has launched a new Super top up insurance plan with name Apollo Munich Optima Super. They call it an aggregate insurance plan, as it takes into account the aggregate of claims made in a single year as deductible, unlike a top up plan where in every claim the deductible gets applied.

There are very few insurance players in the market like United India, HDFC Ergo which offers Super top up insurance plans and now Apollo Munich has also joined the league. Let’s understand the product in detail.

Apollo Munich also having a top up health insurance plan called Optima Plus. Click here to know more on difference between top up and Super Top up health insurance plans.

Apollo Munich Optima Super – In brief


Apollo Munich optima super is a Super top up health insurance plan, which is meant to enhance your total health insurance coverage on cost sharing basis. You can claim from such policy only if your total claim in a particular policy year exceeds a particular amount which is known as deductible.

Deductible means a cost sharing amount. All Top up or super top up plans comes with a pre specified deductible which insured has to bear from his pocket or from any other existing mediclaim policy during hospitalization, over and above the expenses will be borne by the insurance company upto the sum assured.

Let’s understand with an example:

X has Apollo Munich Optima Super plan for a SUM assured of Rs 5 lakh with deductible Rs 1 lakh. He met with an accident and has to undergo one operation which costs Rs 2 lakh. Now he’ll have to pay Rs 1 lakh from his pocket and Balance Rs 1 lakh will be paid by Insurance company.

Let’s assume he has to undergo one more treatment during that policy year which will cost Rs 3 lakh. Now as he’s already crossed Rs 1 lakh of minimum deductible limit in that policy year, this Rs 3 lakh will also be taken care by Apollo Munich Optima super.

Had this been a Top up Insurance Plan, then even for 2nd claim X would have to pay Rs 1 lakh from his pocket to cover the deductible amount.

Apollo Munich Optima Super – key benefits


One major benefit of this plan is that it can be converted into a regular non deductible health insurance plan, with no underwriting or medical tests in the later years of life. This switch can be opted for only between age of 55 and 60 years, provided policy was purchased and continuously renewed with Apollo before 50 years of age.

This feature can be very effectively used by corporate employees who can enhance their employer provided health insurance coverage through this plan during there working life and later when they are nearing retirement can convert this plan into regular health policy.

Apollo Munich Optima Super – Other Features

  1. This policy covers persons in the age group of 91 days to 65 years. Maximum entry age is 65 years.
  2. Dependent children between 91 days to 5 years can be covered if either parent is covered under this policy.
  3. Lifelong renewability.
  4. Individual and Family floater option is available.
  5. All normal health insurance policy features are there like Pre hospitalization (60 days) , Post hospitalization (90 days), day care surgeries (144), Ambulance service etc.

Even exclusions and waiting periods are same.

Click here to read the policy wordings of apollo munich optima super

Apollo Munich Optima Super – Premium quotes

This Super top up health insurance plans comes with a Sum assured variants for Rs 5 lakh, Rs 7 lakh and Rs 10 lakh. i.e. The maximum cover available in this plan is for Rs 10 lakh.

Deductible options ranges from 1 lakh to 7 lakh and Rs 10 lakh

Below are some premium quotes for different age groups with deductible amounts of Rs 1 lakh and Rs 3 lakh

apollo munich optima super

You may calculate the premium yourself, For Individual Click here , For Family Floater Click here

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First thing first, this policy or not you should be having good health insurance coverage with you. I know you are reading this section because you understand the importance of having high sum assured in health insurance. Super top up health insurance plans are best and cost effective way to enhance your total coverage.

The feature to convert this plan into regular mediclaim when nearing retirement age is added benefits which even those corporate employees who are totally dependent on employer provided policy can use. One can also top it up with the existing health insurance policy from where the deductible can be claimed and rest this super top up plan will take care. Premium wise also it seems fine.

So overall, I find Apollo Munich Optima Super a must consider when someone is looking to enhance the health insurance cover.

How do you find Apollo Munich optima super? If you have any health insurance concern, do share your views in the comments section

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  1. Thanks for the informative & useful review.
    However a very good alternative of this product not mentioned here is L&T Super Top Up Health Insurance. Price is very competitive as compared to Apollo Munich though I am not sure of other features. It will be great having your views on their comparison or L&T review.

  2. Hi Sir,

    Talking about a health Insurance isn’t it a good option to have a critical illness plan that can cover maximum number of illnesses rather than having an additional mediclaim policy apart from employer given health insurance plan.

    Since mediclaim policy reimburses the amount only in case of hospital admissions, Critical Illness plan appears to be more sensible when compared, because all the possible Illnesses due to which a person can get hospitalized are covered in a critical Illness Plan and the amount reimbursed can be used for the medicines and diagnosis which might be required after the patient is released from hospital unlike an mediclaim policy which circles around hospital admissions only. Please suggest. By the way keeping in mind Apollo Munich Optima Vital, this option certainly seems to outweigh the alternative of having an extra mediclaim policy.

    • Vivek, critical illness policy works in different way. Its a defined benefit policy where insured will be paid out the complete sum assured once get diagnosed with some specific illness with specific severity. If you go through the policy wordings then you will find the kind of severity policies actually asks for. I believe in those stages, patient will have to be in hospital and staying in hospital has its own cost.
      CI policy will pay you after surviving 30 days after diagnosis. having maximum possible health cover will even take care of those 30 days too.
      You may go with CI policy, but after having maximum affordable cover towards health insurance.
      I have written a detailed article on this subjct…it may help you in making decision http://goodmoneying.com/insurance-planning/critical-illness-policy

  3. I have 6 lakh family floater reliance health gain policy now I want to buy super top up plan of 20 lakh you suggest me which company is the best and cheap price for super top up plan.

    • Yadhpal, you need to compare it among Religare, apollo, united and i think even Cigna TTK has Super top up though nt sure.

    • Hdfc super topup & united seems best depending upon ur choice.. Awaiting a detailed review from Mr. Singal on super topup plans..


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