AB Arogyadan – Andhra bank Health Insurance policy

ab arogyadan - andhra bank health insurance policy

AB arogyadan is a health insurance policy offered by Andhra bank to its bank account holders in collaboration with united India Insurance Company limited.

Like the other health insurance policies being offered by nationalized banks, AB arogyadan also has economical premium range, with features more or less similar to the otherwise available mediclaim policies in the market.

The main attraction in this policy is that you can cover your parents along within the same policy. You may also buy the additional cover through super top up plan, to make the total cover adequate for the family.

The other nationalized bank sponsored policies which I have reviewed earlier on this blog are:

AB Arogyadan Review is the new addition to the list. Let’s understand how this policy is beneficial to Andhra bank account holders.

Health Insurance is one of the main areas in any personal financial planning service. In fact it becomes a base before starting with Investments.

AB Arogyadan – in Brief

AB Arogyadan is a group health insurance policy offered by Andhra bank and United India Insurance company limited. This policy is specifically meant for Andhra bank account holders.

In this policy, there are 2 plans. In PLAN A account holders can cover the immediate family (Self, Spouse, and 2 children) and in PLAN B policyholder can add both the parents along with immediate Family. One can also buy a Super top-up plan along with the base policy to increase the total sum assured.

However, there are few Sub-limits specified, which may restrict the overall claim which the policyholder must be aware of.

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AB Arogyadan – Basic Features

ab arogyadan - andhra bank health insurance

Andhra bank health Insurance –  Super Top-up Policy

Besides the basic AB Arogyadan Policy, to increase the overall sum assured one can also buy Super top up policy in addition to the basic policy. In AB Arogyadan Super top up, one can buy cover of 3 lakh/ 5 lakh / 7 lakh / 10 lakh/ 15 lakh. Super top up can be bought only after buying the base policy with maximum sum assured of Rs 5 lakh.

Rest all features are same as of base policy. You may download the Super Top Up FAQs from here.

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Condition on expenses towards major surgeries

There are some defined surgeries in this policy which have a limit on insured cost. Details are as below

ab arogyadan - andhra bank health insurance

AB Arogyadan – Premium Rates

ab arogyadan premium rates

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I really find these policies offered by nationalized banks very attractive with low premiums, comparable benefits, and features.

Added attraction in Andhra Bank arogyadan is the cover for parents. I am sure that you will not get such a high sum assured (Base + Super top up), at such a low premium in any health insurance policy for your parents, if bought from private players in the market.

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Yes, there are few restrictions like of room rent limits, on expenses towards major surgeries but that is the kind of cost you have to pay to save on the premium costs.  Moreover, if you have not bought any mediclaim policy till now, just because of the high premiums, then the policies like AB arogyadan gives you the opportunity to cover the risk.

Just keep in mind that andhra bank is only an intermediary and for the service issues you have to directly be in touch with United Insurance people.

AB Arogyadan, an Andhra bank Health Insurance policy – Hope you find the review helpful. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below


    • As far as we know maternity charges are not covered in the policy. But there may be some change in features, so better to confirm from andhra bank guys.

  1. Need to know about the surgeries covered under AB arogyadaan insurance.
    I need some details regarding AB arogyadaan insurance policy

  2. I joined the policy 2015
    AB Arogyadhan BA1 no.148272 earliar 2 years paid,this year till now not paid. Can I pay now
    How much amount I have to pay for 2019 _2020.

    • The TPA list keeps on changing, please visit the insurer website or contact the banker/insurer directly. They may assist you with your queries.

  3. My father was a account holder iin Andhra. Bank and had insurance policy with United india insurance named arogyadaan
    He expired 0n 19th September 2019. It was in the name of my mother as well as my father. my question is about the premium that we have to pay now . My mother’s dob do 9/5/1950. And their policy no. Is 0504002817p104314692

    • We are sorry for your loss, but we regret to inform you that we do not have any association with the banker/insurer by any means. We are an independent Financial Planning Firm and this is our blog.
      So, please contact the banker/insurer directly with your queries.

  4. Regarding AB Arogyadan – Andhra bank Health Insurance policy.
    1.Is it applicable to the pension holders(above 70 years) who are drawing through ANDHRA BANK?
    2. Can we include the parents above 80 years?
    My husband is pension holder through Andhra bank.

  5. I would like to know about Andra bank arogayam mediclaim policy for my parents above 70 years. Kindly give complete details of the policy 10lacs

    • We are a financial planning/advisory firm, not associated with any insurer/banker by any means. As far as the information we have, this policy is not available for people above 70 years of age.
      Please contact the banker/insurer for more details.

  6. My age is 44 spouse 39 child one is 17 child teo is 11. I want Plan A in arogyadan for 15 lacks . Now the premium is 15685 . I want to know that every year how much premium increase and after 65 years age plan will be continue ir not please inform me.

    • This plan comes with a lifelong renewability feature, which means once you enter the policy, you can continue it whole life by paying the premiums.
      As far as the increase in premium is concerned, you have to check it through the banker/insurer directly.


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